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19 April 2016

You may yet have realized only a part of the big plan, and in front of you on a thrilling repair and construction work.In any case, you - the owner, and not just the land and buildings, but also the master of the situation, and so the choice of instrument do you think of with due care.

to work on the improvement and simple accommodation in a rustic possession you will need high-quality, functional and reliable tools.Particularly relevant chainsaw - tools with the very wide range of applications: used as a professionals for felling and construction works, as well as lovers for domestic use - firewood and cottage construction, minor repairs of existing buildings.Due to its versatility is widely used a chainsaw and garden care in almost any season.And with the help of a chainsaw, you can delete unwanted or old dry trees and shrubs, to saw a large tree debris, often present at the "backyard" of many suburban areas.

company Husqvarna Chainsaws are in great demand among consumers around the world.The com

pany produces both professional chainsaws and those used for domestic purposes.The Swedish company Husqvarna has established itself as a responsible and trustworthy manufacturer, which guarantees the quality of its products, takes care of maximum security, and is constantly improving performance.

company Husqvarna experts say: 50 years of experience in the development and production of chainsaws possible to create a wide range of safer and more effective tools.Therefore, any landlord will create just for him chainsaw model that will fit his experience, skills and needs.

It is for the owners of a country house or dacha, Husqvarna has developed several models of universal (semi) saws that can easily be used for a variety of regular work.In most cases they have a design for professional models.Amateur chainsaw suited to those who use the saw occasionally, but prefers to have easy maintenance tool has the advantage of professional models.

good example - Husqvarna 236 chainsaw, which is intended for domestic use: pruning and firewood.This saw is very easy to use, yet effective.Technical Solutions 236 model is not always possible to meet even more powerful models of other manufacturers.For example, this model is equipped with the latest technology engine X-Torq (own patented design), which allows you to:
- to increase the torque of the engine;
- to reduce by 20% the consumption of fuel;
- up to 75% lower exhaust emissions.

Husqvarna pays great attention to safety.Dangerous and traumatic moment when working with gasoline-powered tools is a "reverse bounce" - a failed end of the guide bar contact with the surface of the treated wood may occur a sharp instrument in the direction of the garbage man holding a chainsaw.To avoid injury to help inertia chain brake is released automatically, regardless of the position of the saw.

All saws Husqvarna, and in particular models Husqvarna 240, uses a unique anti-vibration system LowVib.System LowVib isolates arm saws from the engine and the rotating elements by means of metal anti-vibration elements, which greatly reduces vibration and reduces the burden on the hands and forearms.

to control the saw, in addition to the throttle interlock accidentally pressed, use the lever 2: the ignition switch and the choke lever, one above the other.The system controls the combination: when you press the gas valve opens automatically.

Many household Husqvarna saws are available with the letter "E-seriesĀ».This means that they have a number of additional features to facilitate the work.

example, the model Husqvarna 240e is equipped with a powerful engine X-Torq, and the systems are easy to run Smart Start system and chain tension, which does not require the use of additional tools.Smart Start provides smooth and fast to start the engine, without jerks and excessive force.In addition, the system automatically reduces the pressure inside the combustion chamber during start-saws, thus reducing fuel consumption.

Husqvarna Chainsaws are centrifugal air cleaning systems - Air Injection, whereby the filter inside the chainsaw does not need so much change and engine wear will be much reduced.Consequently, I saw last much longer, and will not give failures that are so undesirable during operation.

effective anti-vibration system LowVib, low weight (only 4.7 kg), comfortable housing chainsaws Husqvarna, powerful engine technology X-Torq, ease of start-up and a host of other solutions provide models Husqvarna 236, 240e 240, and ease of use, durability designas well as one of the best in the Russian market "price / quality."In completing each of these models necessarily include saw sets - tire chain.

Husqvarna saws are very easy to use, and to cope with them is not particularly difficult.Chainsaws Husqvarna is not only highly functional, but also environmentally friendly, so the impact on the environment is minimized.

Now these models are special prices:
Husqvarna 236 - 6799 rubles
Husqvarna 240 - 7699 rubles
Husqvarna 240e - 8299 rubles

However, high performance and environmental friendliness are not only chainsaws Husqvarna.Swedish concern Husqvarna manufactures a wide range of garden machinery that meets modern safety requirements and ergonomics of work, has a maximum performance and enhanced security.For example, to care for their summer cottage in the spring and summer: lawn mowers and trimmers, hedge trimmers for the care of hedges, lawn mowers, garden tractors, cultivators and many other useful tools on the farm.Especially for the solution of problems in the winter months the attention of landowners Husqvarna offers high snow throwers and ice screws.Find your nearest dealer, as well as get acquainted with the novelties of the season and a complete range of products is available on the official website http: //www.huskvarna.rf