New 2012: High-pressure washers

By Admin | Equipment.
19 April 2016

New 2012 from the company Lavor, high pressure washer iClean 160 comes to you for help!

When developing iClean 160 was taken into account all the experience of past years - and now in front of us this masterpiece of the Italian company Lavor Wash, which designs and manufactures professional and domestic machines: high-pressure washers, sweepers, vacuum cleaners for wet and dry cleaning.

Now you will easily maintain a clean, saving time and energy.Wash iClean make shine façade of your home or garden, clean otmoet adjacent track.In addition, it can be used for soil erosion, knocking down the old to the new color coating, cleaning of sewer drainage systems.

induction motor, compared to a conventional electric motor has a significantly lower noise level, high efficiency, with an equal power consumption, possibility of continuous operation due to better cooling, higher precision speed control to provide the required parameters of the engine, and also hasintrinsically safe and higher noise immunity, re

ducing the load on the electrical network.Automatic engine stop (ASS) stops the motor within 5 seconds after the trigger has been released on the gun cleaning, and starts the engine instantly after pressing the trigger.

pump Silumin (aluminum silicon alloy) with 3 steel pistons provide resistance to corrosion in a humid atmosphere, it has high strength and wear resistance.

Integrated detergent tank delivers shampoo directly from the washing itself.Feed shampoo occurs in a mode the lowest possible pressure.

drum for reeling the hose allows it to easily reel and unwinding, which is very important
for easy storage.

A quick connection gun with nozzles allows, if necessary, to implement the change immediately nozzles to select the optimal mode of operation.

Ergonomic handle and wheels provide ease of movement sinks.

Pressure washer Lavor iClean 160 - the power of water and pressure - twice the support while cleaning!