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13 April 2016

mechanized spraying system Green Gorilla powered by a rechargeable power supply.The power module uses a new spray technology: filling the compressed air reservoir, which then pushes the liquid from the container through the hose, and then through the nozzle.In testing, it was determined that the atomizer can spray liquid to a height of 6 meters.This spray is very easy to use.It can be used for spraying low fruit trees.

power supply can be easily removed and connected to any other tank mechanized spraying system Green Gorilla.Thus, it is possible to acquire several such tanks - separately for herbicides, insecticides or fertilizers.

tank spray - is impervious to UV light, translucent plastic reservoir with a capacity with an additional opening for easy filling with adapter of brass 45cm long, in-line filter and the adjustable tip.The adapter is attached to the tank by means of an additional garden sprayer hose length of 130 cm, made of high quality PVC, and has a special button for easy on / off.

The garden sprayer tank provides an additional opening for easy filling and cleaning.For further protection, the power supply connector is provided built safety valve that releases air under positive pressure.

This new technology will be very interesting to gardeners.When using this spray will no longer need to swing the pump.You just need to charge the power supply, connect it to the tank, turn on the device and start spraying.

Mechanized spraying system Green Gorilla

Preparing the spray to work

1 .Recharge the power pack

Power Supply A) Connect the power supply to the power supply side Green Gorilla.
B) Connect the charger cable to the connector on the power supply.

Note: Never charge the power supply if it is connected to the tank.Do not charge it outside in direct sunlight or rain.

C) Plug the power cord into the outlet.
D) indicator light of the charger will turn green when charging is completed, charging will be lit red light.(Approximate time to charge a fully depleted device is 3 hours.)

2. Connect the power supply to the tank

Bring marked with a red dot pin to the power supply, plug it into the reservoir (Fig. 2A),Firmly insert the power supply and turn in a clockwise direction (Fig. 2C).If you did everything correctly, then the power supply will remain in an upright position, and the rod will be in the J-shaped groove.(Fig. 2D)

To disconnect the power supply from the tank, it is necessary to do everything in reverse order.

3. Connect the extension rod to the valve , inserting and holding the rod into the open end of the valve Connection tip.Manually connect tightly extending tip.

Note: Never use any tools to tighten the coupling nuts.

4. Disconnect the pump and the tip .Place solution in a separate container.

5. Strain the resulting liquid , to remove particles that could clog the nozzle.Liquids can be poured only to the level of 4.5 liters.

6. Insert the tip of the pump and the back and tighten .If the spray is not used for some time, having worked hand quick-valve: a few times push the red button in the middle.

7. Create the reservoir pressure, including the power supply .It automatically recognizes and will maintain the necessary pressure in the tank will be switched on and off as needed.Note: The initial pressurization may take from 1 to 3 minutes.

8. The pressure can be created manually , shaking the pump 10-20 times (depending on the amount of liquid).

system pressure relief system

spray Green Gorilla is equipped with a built-in pressure relief valve (Fig. B), which works with the AC adapter connected, and without it.This valve is part of the patented quick release.Excessive pressure in the tank can occur if the manual pump or due to the heating of the tank contents due to external temperature.

Note: for correct operation of the valve must always be clean.

The operating principle spray

injector nozzle Connect the injector nozzle.Screw it for better or slightly loosen the spray for large droplets or denser jet.

sure that the power supply is correctly attached (Fig. 2D).Turn on the power supply to the tank to create the necessary pressure.See. Fig.A - the location of the power switch.

extension rod can be rotated 360 degrees by turning counterclockwise at the same time extending the rod must be pointing away from you.

After working after pressure by pressing the pressure release valve, and clean all parts.