Generators and power plants

By Admin | Equipment.
18 April 2016

lack of power supply, usually a common drawback of most new suburban areas.In eterany also among suburban settlements, organized in 30-60-xx years, often suffer another common disease, considerably spoiling the mood of summer residents, - frequent power cuts.At the same time, construction of houses and construction of the site requires the use of modern power tools, most of which has no analogues on the power and capabilities among benzene or rechargeable counterparts.And a visit to cottages should not break the habitual way of life and be comfortable even with heavy thunderstorms and storm warnings.To solve these problems, we will purchase a mini-power plants, which we discuss in this review.

For what purpose you will use the generator?What is the output power produced by a mini-power plant, you will need?Will the only source of power generator or backup, intended for home electrical emergency power?What type of fuel you want to use?Do the advantages of the diesel generator to gasoline?What is th

e degree of protection, and what distinguishes induction of synchronous generators?On these and other questions you will get the answer in "multivolume" the theme of this forum, "What kind of generator you choose?"

with interesting, reasoned opinion "On the choice of the power generator and fuel to him," You may read the diaries of our forumchanin Andrew A.

If the answers to all the above questions, you have made an informed decision to stop using the gasoline generator as mini-power plants, the theme "Choosing gasoline generator" - this is what you need.

you just at the very beginning the selection plant.But you have already accumulated a lot of questions, such as where to begin selection of the generator?What are the types of generator, how do they differ among themselves?How to connect generator, where it is better to install?What are the failure and how to eliminate them better?These and many other questions you will find the answer in the subject "FAQ. Frequently asked questions on generators and power."

"Questions of quality of electricity generated by generators" - a theme that will help those who want to approximate the performance of tools, home appliances and engineering equipment operating on generators, the quality of work from the mains.

If you use a generator as a backup power supply in case of an unplanned power outage, you must make sure that, even in your absence launch of mini-power stations would not be a problem, none of your family members.This will help the theme "Keeping the generator in combat mode."

How to facilitate control of the generator, making the input backup power most comfortable, without burdening households studying complex algorithm start / stop?Exit - to automate the plant.How - you can read the message in "Automatically start the generator."

Extend the life of any technique will help timely maintenance and Breakdown - qualified repair.What you need to know for myself what and how to diagnose the causes of minor malfunctions of the generator, the consultants will tell you of our forum in the topic "Repair and maintenance of gasoline generator"

theme of "Scheme of power and tools" to help those who feel the strength to ownproceed to remedy problems in the generators.Subject will get advice on repair, search and replace the necessary parts and components consultants Forum and experienced members of the forum.

house building or buildings in the local area in the absence of electricity requires the active use of the generator, which should not be forgotten, along with gasoline weighs about 90 kg.Moreover, to move the construction site for the generator does not fit the standard truck.That's why the best option "Make trolley generator" itself, using the experience beutiflet, described in the eponymous theme of our forum.