Different types of hose for watering

By Admin | Garden Tools
11 April 2016

Ultra slim lightweight hose

Ultra slim lightweight hose When working in the garden, you always have to be dragged from one place to another heavy hoses and you're on this incredibly tired, found a solution to this problem.Finally we started to produce superlight polyurethane hoses.

weight of the hose is less than half the weight of conventional.On both ends of the hose are udlinennye crush proof chromed solid bronze connecting parts, which will ensure a strong bond that does not allow water seepage.This hose is very flexible in any weather.

hose diameter of 1.3 cm, making it perfect for connecting to a conventional valve, providing easy and efficient irrigation.The hose is also responsible GOST drinking water.Produced 7,6m long and 15,25m.

Flat hose

Flat hose If you are "lucky" enough that in your area there are any restrictions on the amount of water use for irrigation, then you will come to the aid of a flat hose.It delivers water exactly where it is needed - to the roots of plants, and it is made so that the water seeps thr

ough its walls - hence all plants receive water.

Since the water from the hose flows very slowly, it saves evaporation, respectively, saves water.Nylon hose of PVC is very durable and flexible, it is very convenient to have in the garden exactly as required by your plants.

Designed for operation at low water pressure, so if the water pressure in your garden for more than 10 psi, you'll need a pressure regulator.This hose is the best ground cover or mulch.The width of the hose is 3,15sm length - 15,25m.

hose in the shape of a spiral

A hose in a spiral shape Thanks to this unusual spiraling design, you'll never have to fight with tangled hoses in the garden.

In addition, the hose is very lightweight.It's very convenient to take with them, and after watering it again easily turn into a compact ring.

hose Made of durable, UV-protected polyurethane on both sides are copper tips.

hose diameter of 1.3 cm, the maximum length - 15,25m, in a compact form - only 91.45 cm. This hose can withstand pressure of 300psi.

MPE hose

MPE hose This hose will serve for years.It made it a patented method of six-radial tires and two layers of durable polyester yarn.

on a hose gives a lifetime warranty.Even with such strength, hose pretty easy and flexible, which makes it very convenient when working in the garden.

Integrated washer provides a perfect connection without water flow.The hose diameter is 1.6 cm. The length varies from 15.25 m to 30.50 m.

Basket for storing hose

Shopping for storing hose If irrigation hoses in the garden you I do not intend to, but the view of the old badly oppresses, such a problem solution is found.

hoses can be stored in such a pretty basket.It looks basket, as if it is woven wicker.But in reality, it is made of weatherproof Polyresin on a frame made of wire with a powder coating.

Keep this basket can be up to 30.50 m of garden hose.Side of the basket is a hole through which you can not disconnect the hose from the valve.The diameter of the upper part of the basket of 60,95sm height without cover - see 26.65.

compact cart for transportation hose

Compact trolley for transportation hose When it comes to watering your garden remote site, and carry a heavy hose do not want, you have to paynote on this trolley.

It is equipped with a special reel for the hose reel.New well balanced, strong, boasts a stainless steel frame, powder-coated, rubber wheels, bronze joints and handles with comfortable cushions.

connecting hose is connected to the valve, it has a diameter 1,6sm, its length - 1,5m.The bearing surface size 40,65sm x 48,25sm makes storage very comfortable.

Editor: Roman Adamov