Tillers and cultivators

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16 April 2016

We all want to see their infield groomed, beautiful and well-maintained.We can not wait to break the English lawns, ornamental gardens grow, and someone cherishes the dream of home garden.But to realize their own plans, we still have very serious work on preparing the ground for a meeting with crop plants, whether lawn grass or potatoes and carrots.And help us in this garden equipment, which, depending on its tasks, it is easy to cope with the terrain leveling and loosening the earth with grass mowing, snow removal or shipping.

main points that you should look for when buying equipment for the processing of the garden plot is this: firstly, the condition of the soil (virgin or previously cultivated land), and secondly, what works and how muchyou are planning to make it.It depends on the type and capacity of selected garden machines, whether it will be walk-behind tractor or cultivator?

If your plans for the development of large area, and the soil at the site got heavy, clay, you need to choose

a walk-behind.Motoblock - this performance, multifunctional machine capable garden, depending on its capacity and attachment, not only till the soil to a depth of 25-28 cm, and tow loads of up to 300 kg.That equates to the walk-behind compact tractors.

Alas, the cost of power tillers raises questions about the purchase, especially if we are talking about the initial stage of building a house and plot development.And then you might come to the aid of the advice of our members of the forum on how to create a "motor-block with your hands" or "Motoblock (electro) homemade, without leaving the shop."

But not always work on the development of the area requires a strong technical support and a lot of work on the ground.And not always the owner of a garden plot has the physical strength necessary for controlling the motor-block.In this case, we can advise you to look at the Tiller.

If the principal owner and the worker's country farm is an old man or a woman;if the proposed work will take place in the greenhouses, in small areas or in the processing of hard to reach places;If you can not leave the tiller for storage in a country house, or if you want a pretty part of his transportation, then you need to consider buying a light or even ultralight cultivators, whose weight does not exceed 15 kg.

However, for the treatment of land use, and often motolebёdki complete with a plow or a hiller.Owners appreciate them for ease in transportation, work and, most importantly, in self-manufacture.What videography and tells "plow the garden themselves ..." forumchanin OnlyOn.

not always store-bought product satisfies you one hundred percent, for example, "Select lugs".Inquisitive minds and talented hands will definitely find a reason to forum users to modify or reverse the technique and to share their achievements in the theme "Homemade and alteration: tillers, cultivators with their own hands."

And, of course, no one has not yet met a technique that would never fail.Therefore, you will definitely be something to discuss the topic "Problems of the tillers and cultivators."

As always when discussing technology, we will address the important question is traditionally of great interest and frequent disputes need any "break-in" and if "yes", the mode in which it carried out?

We also learn with you how best to use the oil for the engine to ensure a long and happy life of our assistants - motor-blocks and cultivators.

The review used the photos "homemade" members of the forum: GenaFe, tuger, Nartsyz.

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