Homemade mixer

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16 April 2016

Like many gardeners, belor44 not for fun decided to make home-made.In the summer it had to pour the foundation for the house.Nearest plaster and concrete node, where they could buy high quality mortar, is 80 km from the cottages.The cost of the concrete delivery was impressive.Another option - to hire a "Tadzhikstroy" - too quickly fell away: these workers permanent problems with the instrument.

40 cubic meters of concrete - a considerable amount of manual labor alone.And why, when we cope with this task simple enough device?So gradually it matured idea to knead concrete by concrete mixer.But here it was not easy: the device presented in retail outlets, left much to be desired.

conclusion is clear - to make their own concrete mixer.The searchers found forumchanin everything you need to know: the design, size, and other calculations. For a homemade device seemed optimal volume of 0.25 cubic meters.All the "draft" b / y belor44 material found on items for the metal and demolition vehicles.


Sledgehammer - in the right hand, the left holding parts carved from metal thickness of 2.5 mm.You can begin!All the elements of the future pear forumchanin brought to the desired shape on the Channel bar.

bottom of the device of the sheet metal thickness of 5 mm.

Pear mixer can be made from a metal barrel!

One of the complicated operations for belor44 proved combine any items pears.First he tied the middle and the bottom.This again helped the best assistants Russian master - logs and a sledgehammer.

Sledgehammer have to work hard, but gently.Do not go so forumchanin: took off from hitting the bottom.After several unsuccessful attempts, he did kind of stop in the middle of the pears: the edges slightly, by 5 mm, cut and bent inward.The upper part of it is put in the middle and "pick out" with the help of nail puller and logs.

experience that came after - not worth it to do everything so tightly.It was necessary to "proslabit" upper limiting its output in the same way as it did with the bottom.


Before installing the upper part (until the weight of the structure did not become unbearable) belor44 arranged pear seat.Validating believes that it is his main miscalculation.Above all, he ripped design.The second mistake - he was cooking with cast iron steel.It is very much like the wizard to get the most parsed gear!It assumed a lot of load, and therefore, repair.However, in this case, said forumchanin instead brake disc had a circle cut from steel.


Finally, belor44 took up the bed, where everything is gathered will be kept.Get free bearings have forumchanin was not possible, so tipping mechanism he decided to make simple: a pipe in a pipe.As for the home-made device, not for sale, - a good solution.

main frame in the design - is to choose the center of gravity.Otherwise, the device will tip over.At the same time unloading concrete should take place without much effort.If during operation you carry the mixer, put a frame on wheels!

forumchanin came from Ground powerful and heavy: not very good, but belor44 decided that it's better than wobble during operation of dubious manufacturers.And pomoschnichek, in the event of rearrangement, the master had a good - a crane.


mechanism for rotation belor44 bought the flywheel and the hub of the "Volga" by Bendix and "Moskvich".To remove the crown from the flywheel did not, although the weight of the device, he added.I decided that to center it and are mounted on the pear - troublesome, and pear forumchanin planned removable - that can later be changed to the screen.

For tipping belor44 welded to the frame of the mechanism - the flywheel and the gear from the classic VAZ.He cut gears from Bendix, and then welded to the roller.Use two bearings, they are firmly in the pipe matched.Even I made a hexagonal wheel.

had to weld additional amplifiers.Validating six scalded neck and began to manufacture "gear."Again, it acted under the old scheme: shaft, pipe, two bearings.The shaft and the motor pulley counted so that it was no more than 25 rpm.

forumchanin engine used in the 380 V, 0.6 kW - too small, but proven, even the Soviet times.

Experience with

Homemade mixer is ready, the first tests were successful.Having studied the experience of members of the forum, belor44 found the most suitable boot order: first, he downloaded all the rubble, then poured some of the water, then - part of cement, water again, another part of cement and, little by little - sand.For the owner of the garage blind area made concrete stronger, mixing cement, sand, gravel and water in a ratio of 1: 2: 3: 0.7 and 0.6 by adding a plasticizer C-3.
make it convenient when loading forumchanin put the pear upright.Due to this, pear freely accommodates two 12 liter buckets of cement, 4 - sand 6 - rubble, 2 (0.7 l) - water.

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