Artificial sunlight for your plants

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20 April 2016

Almost every conservatory necessarily grow exotic plants from tropical countries, where the sun longer, and the days are longer.Without artificial light, many plants simply will not survive.Or will survive, but unless there is life: not bloom, do not grow as it should.

When illuminated, as close to reality, the plants happy.And it would be good to consider at the design stage of the winter garden.
Natural lighting
- I have one disadvantage - the user writes kidar .- Lack of money.Therefore, the implementation of many pans stretched to unacceptably long period.
hot, but not yet fully realized the dream forumchanin - greenhouse.On the diploma he an electrical engineer, so consider lighting the room it was easy.The entire architecture of its greenhouse aims to ensure that the plants get as much sunlight.
- Orientation to the south allows you to maximize the use of light from the sun.
- Thanks to the arched structure with the calculated slope sunlight always falls perpendicu
larly to the majority of the panel surface.
- clearcoat takes half the ceiling, and it provides lighting, which will give even continuous glazing walls.
- white walls and bright floor reflects the light and increases the overall level of illumination.

- Due to non-ideal transparent polycarbonate diffused light in the room.

Lighting or dosvechivat?
lighting - light value is equal to the ratio of luminous flux incident on a small portion of the surface to its area .So say the encyclopedia.In practical terms, you can draw an analogy with watering: it is necessary to understand how much water falls on a specific carrot to calculate how long to water the flower bed.
The illumination is inversely proportional to the square of the distance from the lamp to the surface.That is, if you moved the lamp, which hung 25 centimeters above the plants, and now it hangs at a height of two feet, the illumination reduced four times.Even illumination depends on the angle at which the light is.It's like the sun - the zenith of summer, it lights the ground several times more than in the winter day, hanging low over the horizon.All this should be taken into account.
planning their greenhouse lighting, think about how much light your plants is not enough, you are going to their dosvechivat or completely cover.If you just want dosvechivat, you can do cheaper fluorescent fixtures, almost without worrying about their spectrum.But it is better to choose a longer lamp - they are more powerful and have better light output.
And if there is no natural light, you think of the spectrum still have.
Blue and red
As we remember from school biology lessons, the light is absorbed by the plant in different pigments, mainly chlorophyll, and it happens in the blue and red parts of the spectrum.And if you pick the right variety, alternate the length of light and dark periods in the greenhouse, you can speed up or slow down the development of the plant, reduce the growing season, etc.Therefore, for example, in greenhouses used sodium lamps, in which most of the radiation is in the red region of the spectrum.Pigments with a peak absorption in the blue area are responsible for plant growth and development of the leaves.Plants grown under conventional incandescent lamps, usually excessive: they lack the blue, and they are drawn up, to get a little.

Incandescent lamps - the cheapest, but the worst of the light source for the plants, not only because of the absence of blue color in the spectrum.Most of the electricity in them is converted into heat, so these lamps are placed as far as possible from the colors, and this is reducing their effectiveness.They are used except for heating the air in combination with fluorescent lamps cold light spectrum that little red.

turns out that the lights in the greenhouse should include both red and blue spectrum, and now it is offered by many manufacturers of fluorescent lamps.Fitolampy more suitable for plants than the conventional fluorescent lamps, which are used in rooms.
«Maximum radiation fitolampy falls on red and blue part of the spectrum because these parts of the plants need for photosynthesis.And lamps "daylight" dominates the white part of the spectrum, comfortable to our eyes and "useless" plants "- says user ANTI-killer .

For large conservatories suitable gas-discharge lamps.They are considered the brightest.One such compact lamp is able to illuminate a large area of ​​greenhouses.
But specialized lamps are much more expensive than usual, and, according to our forum, you can simply install a powerful lamp with high CRI (marking lamp begins at 9).Its range will be all the necessary components.Bonus: it will give a lot more light than a special lamp.
light day
Do you limit the amount of light for the plants?On and this issue, of course, I discussed.
- Sun yields to 100,000 lux, so that the lamp is almost impossible to achieve.The cheapest option - fluorescent lamps.Disadvantage - light output 1.5 times less.
sodium lamps and LEDs have the same light output, but at the same power LED lamps are cheaper in the 8 to 10 times, so that the LED is clearly losing.But in 3-5 years this could change - cheaper LEDs.
usually in greenhouses lamps mounted above the plants about a foot from the top sheet.For light-loving plant height is reduced to 15 centimeters.Experienced growers are doing so: Place the lamp higher, and gradually approach them plants, setting them on various supports.The higher the plant, the lower the stand, then it can be removed completely.
lamp should be placed along the entire length of the rack with plants.If the lamp low power, they are mounted on some pieces and provided with reflectors.The total wattage per square meter of plants should be 100-150 watts.
The conservatory forumchanin Dima Danilov three types of lighting: the light from the windows, artificial light from fluorescent lamps hanging from the ceiling and fitolamp.On sunny days fitolampy not included.Last year was very "gray" winter, so use both additional sources of illumination.

Members Active has fitolampy at a distance of 10-30 cm from the high of plants and up to half of the low.No problem - heat from the lamp is small."In the winter garden is not without fitolamp would cost, becauseconventional fluorescent shall deliver ", - says Dima Danilov .

But Sazanvld believes that "all fitolampy and sodium lamps - a complete divorce of honest people of their hard-earned money."He prefers metal halide lamps, in particular, the spotlight.Here is his argument:
1) the efficiency of their highest, not for nothing that they are used to illuminate stadiums and buildings.Accordingly, they are economical.
2) The spectrum is ideal for plants.Advanced hobbyists and those who grow aquatic plants for sale, it is their use.
3) low price, with one lamp illuminates 3-4 square meters.
main thing is not to be confused metallogallogennye spotlight with conventional halogen (such are not suitable).

mysterious and beautiful

In the dark winter garden will look mysterious and wonderful if to place the lamp its individual parts, it is desirable for plants.Multi-colored lights would create magic, cosmic effect.Decorative elements of the greenhouse is well lit lamps with reflectors that create directional flow of light.

ideal light source for illuminating the plant are based on semiconductor light-emitting diodes, which emit over the entire visible range from the near infrared to the ultraviolet.In addition, their service life is virtually unlimited.It is used in the lighting space hydroponic greenhouses.But they are very expensive, so do not particularly common.

Irregular additional coverage will have no meaning.Turn on the lamp off and on, you only cause it to lose biorhythms plants.For the full development of the plants, especially tropical, it needs a long light day, for 12-14 hours.Then they will blossom and feel good.Ideally, the illumination is necessary to include a few hours before dawn and off a few hours after the sun set over the horizon.In order not to adjust his regime under the capricious plant, you can use the dual-mode timer relays.
about the budget option greenhouses here.This video tells the story of a big house with a greenhouse - perhaps you will gather from it some good ideas.