Homemade snowthrower

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15 April 2016

Well, when a lot of snow in the winter, but remove it - not an easy task.But what can you do - just let yourself relax and have and not get to the gate, and the car did not drive into the yard!Therefore forumchanin old man decided to make an assistant - propelled machines for snow removal.Thinking stopped at a light and simple device - Snow that you want to push with his foot.


principle of the machine:

1 - drive screw, 2 - wheel drive tracks, 3 - belt drive intermediate shaft (5), 4 - parasitic motion video back 7 - roller belt for movementcar forward.

The shaft is made from pipes ¾ with through cuts in the middle.The old man put a metal plate 120h270 mm.The two ends of the tube perpendicular to the plate, the master of the two brackets welded 25x25 mm.To shaft entered the 205th bearings forumchanin reduced its diameter: Bulgarian made two cutting and tapped on the shaft, then he cuts brewed and processed sandpaper.On the one hand the old man made a slot for the key, under the star.T

o use a screw of the sidewall of the tire and the tube, which is fastened in the middle of the metal blade.

housing snowplow old man has made of roofing iron, sides - made of plywood 10 mm.The frame is made of metal corner 50x50 mm.To cross the corners forumchanin 25x25 mm welded corners: they mounted quick-platform engine.Cross Corners and handle attached to the longitudinal corners of the frame with screws "M8".

Wheels borrowed the old man at the garden cart.Engine 6.5 l / s forumchanin took previously made snowmobiles.In summer, the old man with the help of chopped firewood.Thanks to the quick mounting structure, remove the engine and put it on another device, you can, without tools and in just a few minutes.A further advantage of this design - the car without a motor becomes easy, it is easier to clean off the snow.

The tests confirmed that the snowthrower can work even without the impeller to throw snow.But open another design flaw: push the car through the snow proved to be difficult - skidded wheels.Validating concluded that the wheels do not need snowthrower

had to put the car on skis - wooden blocks with attached plastic covers (you can use from the electrical box).Subsequently, the old man is planning to do a self-propelled snow removers and skiing replace a wider track.


first version of the machine with the task of snow removal cope.However, too much snow blower snow threw in front of him.Although the quality of cleaning is not affected, forumchanin decided to remake the screw and make the rotary chute.In this case, the blade leans more snow will move and you can adjust the direction and distance snow is thrown.

to screw the old man bought a new one and a half meters of the conveyor belt 10 mm thick.From this jigsaw cut four rings with a diameter of 28 cm and secure them to the plates.

rotating screw on the self-centering closed 205 x bearings.Validating took such a sports car.Note that the bearings have to be closed, they should not get snow.You can use the universal joint support from the "Zhiguli" model 01-07 model.

auger drive can be carried out with the help of a chain, like forumchanin or belt.All you need to do - belts, bearings, pulleys, you can buy the automobile.

swivel discharge chute of snow old man put on a sewer pipe of 160 mm, and it - on the same pipe, attached to the body of the screw.

forumchanin little later extended the chute and painted it.Domestic snow-plow has not only become more efficient work, but also has a more presentable.

Output master his invention: a device to clean the snow that you want to push, not only, but does not compare with the work of a shovel.Loose snow machine cleans well, breaks and throws and packed.A heavy snowfalls have shown that even at times drifts homemade Snow is not afraid.

Will the usefulness of such a device in the country - judge for yourself:

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