"Perpetuum Mobile": herbivorous lawn

By Admin | Equipment.
14 April 2016

This news will please both environmentalists, calling for the use of alternative energy sources, and truckers.After all, they know that the lawn mower often heavy, lead get in the way, the fuel does not end on time ... But in April, the company EcoMow Technologies , employees based at George Mason University, promises to solve all these problems in using his new invention: a robotic lawn mower,which literally eats grass.

Yes, a kind of a robot cleaner, just near her house, and even charging does not require - as the fuel they use the grass mown.It helps her in this grass-catcher: a special device, which turns the clippings into the dried granules.This device looks like a meat grinder, only creates much more pressure and temperature .The resulting biomass is the fuel for the generator of electricity (in the movement device is a conventional electric motor).Number spresovanoy grass exceeds the amount consumed, so the owners of herbivorous robot can even pass a "cost of production" processing plants.A

ll the work of converting grass into fuel is automated and controlled by computer.

But the "meat grinder" is not the only novelty.Instead of the usual rotary mower blade is equipped with a trimmer (almost like a hair clipper).

This unit has a bunch of advantages in terms of their working abilities: cuts any grass vegetation, sometimes using a design capacity - the mower can build almost any figure standing alone program.Is there a standard scheme, but if you want the owner can "draw" a pattern for your lawn.To orient the device uses maps Google Maps.

is not yet known how much will it cost a miracle mower, but its developers are confident that the invention will be widely in demand in all niches of the market, it is especially pleasant to commercial organizations.However, the question of energy saving, which is relevant not only for them.