Garden vacuum cleaners.

By Admin | Equipment.
13 April 2016

name "vacuum" with regard to this garden unit, probably inaccurate - because he is dealing with the dust has not.But this compact hand tool collects with lawn branches, leaves, grass clippings and other debris.The manufacturers claim that with a vacuum cleaner, you can forget about the brooms, rakes, brushes, etc.Externally unit really like a vacuum cleaner: it consists of a suction pipe leaves and others, and also has a collection bag;his work makes a powerful engine, and for ease of use has a carrying strap.Member Yuri Ivanov (nick Offline Ivanov Yuri ) uses the tools in a special way: «use both antipylesos - blower blows the whole of the territory flown garbage area, but with paving.»

There are many models of such additional functions as adjusting the power and speed of retraction and others.

agree that agriculture irreplaceable thing.However, there is a garden at the "vacuum cleaner" and disadvantages.In other forum users have not guessed, it is worth buying

the unit or not.

First of all it is worth noting that the garden vacuum cleaners are of two types: electric and gasoline.The principle of operation of these species, of course, different.Electric vacuum cleaners are easy to maintain (most importantly, that the plug), not as noisy as their gasoline counterparts, and from the point of view of ecology vacuum cleaners undoubtedly lead.But the main drawback of such devices is that they are dependent on the length of the network cable.However, this can handle extender.

Gasoline powerful vacuums, they do not depend on the wire and can work even in "remote places".But the noise from them too much.

Garden vacuum cleaners also differ in the type of control the blower.For small suburban areas it is best to use the "manual" vacuum cleaners, and over large areas - the wheel - that hands are not tired.These vacuum cleaners are more powerful, and they are both managed and self-propelled.However, not everyone shares the enthusiasm for the "panacea" of foliage.Validating Ivan (nick Offline ivanpost ) prefers other methods of cleanup: «I take a piece of canvas is attached to the two opposite sides of the two rails, put the shovel in the ground and a lawn rake a pile of leaves.Then I turn to the rail and rail carry "roll" in the leaf pile.Vacuums in life does not take much. »

In conclusion, it is worth noting that with a wet vacuum cleaner leaves, reviews members of the forum, to cope matter.But as the blower (ie, tools, blows air) works fine.About what better to choose a vacuum cleaner - refer to the theme of the forum.