Measuring tools: features selection and use

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19 April 2016

any user, who is engaged in the erection of a house or renovation, sooner or later asks: what measuring tools he needs?Of course, laser level is much easier and faster work, such as interior decorating.However, it is not devoid of such a drawback as insufficient brightness and maximum range of the projected beam in the sunlight.How to be in this case?Maybe I should buy an expensive model, the kit which includes a special receiver, which allows working level-at large distances?Do not hurry to run to the store, often, many of the works can be successfully performed using the "grandfather" devices!


- to build a house, so the thought that of measuring instruments worth buying?I want to purchase a laser builder of planes, only justified if it is waste?

As practice shows, laser measuring tools are not as simple as they seem at first glance.They must be able to work.The user of our forum with the nickname lobz believes that the construction, initially, you can get high-quali

ty bubble level, a tape (long and short), and the stake cord gidrourovnya.

Once you have mastered the basics of working with these measuring instruments and "nabёte hand", you can see whether you need not buy anything else.For example, a laser level.


- My work is connected with project researches on large objects.So I regularly use laser tape measure, but I think that in normal building without it, you can completely do.

Laser Roulette accelerates the measurement process is already finished premises.To measure the distance in an open area, it is necessary that the laser beam reflected by any obstacle.


- When building a house of foam blocks, I used only the normal level, roulette and gidrouroven.I fully accept the result.

Working with water level

Gidrouroven works on the principle of communicating vessels.Despite the seeming simplicity of the measuring instrument should be to understand the peculiarities of his work.


- gidrouroven bought in the store and ran into the same problem as the flow of water from under the covers bulbs, fixed on the ends of the water level.To set the level, you have to wait long.In addition, there is uncertainty in the 2-3 mm.How to avoid it?

gidrourovnya When you buy should pay attention to the quality of the hose and flasks.If gidrouroven slowly aligned or "lying" most likely remain in the hose air bubbles.They definitely need to be removed!


- purchased gidrourovnya main problem - a thin connection hose.

The larger the diameter of the tube, the faster "ustakanivaetsya" liquid level in gidrourovnya.

At work gidrourovnya significantly affected by the temperature of water filled in it.For example, if the water is cold, it is very slowly moving through the hose, have to wait until the fluid levels are stabilized.

The same situation arises in the refilling in gidrouroven fluid having a temperature different from the one that is already flooded.The density of water at the same time will vary by a few percent, respectively, the level starts to "lie".

Therefore, despite the large variety gidrourovnya in DIY stores, some members of the forum prefers to make his own.

According to our user forum Victor Petrovich, «correct» gidrouroven made from a piece of the oxygen hose and two glass tubes. "Water is desirable tint and fill hose to a full release of bubbles.And when you carry the water level tube ends to prevent water flowed, it is possible to plug the finger.

Wrap gidrouroven can be more like this: break or pinch the tube below the bulb at a distance of 20-30 cm. Store filled gidrouroven, suspending him for two flasks on a nail.


- I have my own recipe for making the "right" gidrourovnya.Buy transparent silicone hose in store for aquarists.There's also acquire two cranes.Previously, when using opaque rubber hose, I used glass tubes with risks.Duct wore directly on the ends of the hose.Now I do the risks directly on the hose.Instead scratches on the tube can be stretched thin gum, which moves back and forth.In the operating position both valves are open, the storage - closed.

main selection criteria gidrourovnya: tube should be sufficiently rigid, transparent, with a diameter of 8 to 10 mm.

Although gidrouroven usually seasoned water for the winter, it does not fit - freezes.What to do?


- When the winter I fill gidrouroven pepper brandy.

can also fill gidrouroven automotive antifreeze or "nezamerzayki."These liquids do not freeze in the cold, have a good fluidity, and thanks to the color, clearly visible in the transparent tube.

Many novice developers having difficulty in filling gidrourovnya - are air bubbles.To avoid this, the hose is unwound, and lifting one of its ends higher, fill it with water.The remaining bubbles are expelled by clicking on the tube with water and driving them to the "exit".But there is "antiquated" way.


- I omit one end gidrourovnya in a jar with water, the other clamp lips and inhale sharply (as is usually poured gasoline).The water quickly fills up the phone without the formation of bubbles.

believed that gidrourovnya handier to work together, such as:

1. gidrourovnya tube leans to the reference mark.

2. Hold a finger hole in the tube.

3. mate with the second end gidrourovnya gets to the right place.

4. Remove the finger from the tube and slowly move up, combining the level of risk.

5. As soon as the liquid level of risk and align - shout mate, that he struck a mark on the wall.

But what if there is no partner, and work with gidrourovnya want?Make your own layout, using the nickname Council forumchanin Iosich .

algorithm such marking is as follows:

1. We note an arbitrary reference point, which should be moved to another location.

2. Fix the one end of the hose layer (eg, tape) at the point where you want to move the mark of the reference point, clearly above the reference point of 20-30 cm.

second end of the tube to keep hands, fingers clutching the outlet.

3. Match the second end of the level to the control point, putting a hose to the plane and the movements up and down the water level will combine with the mark.

Then fasten the hose at this place with tape.

4. Match the first end and make a second mark.

If necessary, the process is repeated for the other points.

How to choose a bubble level?

gidrourovnya In addition, one of the most essential tools in marking work becomes a simple level.Working with it is typically easy.

main thing - to choose a precision instrument!It seems that to make it simple.It is enough to take a few levels from different manufacturers, put them side by side on the table, and from 5-7 instruments showing about the same, select the one that you like.Is it really?


- No matter how much the store level, among all choose only one - accurate.If not, then turns and walks away.

levels necessarily checked individually, t. To. They are used as the conditional standard.

accuracy level is checked very simple.

Testing is performed in the vertical:

1. We put the level to a vertical surface and pinpoint the position of the bubble.

2. Rotate the level 180 degrees on its axis and attached to the same surface.If the readings are the same, the level can be taken.

This check is valid for levels of two or four working surfaces.


- To check the vertical level in one of the working surface of the need to find two parallel vertical surfaces, such as the two sides of the door.Accordingly putting a first level on one side of the door, then the other.Indications must be symmetrical.

Horizontal level checked as follows:

1. Put a level on a horizontal surface, and pinpoint the position of the bubble.

2. Rotate the level 180 degrees in a plane perpendicular to the axis level readings should be symmetrical.

also checking for more accurate results for the working plane level can put two pencils.In this case there are only two levels of support points.Thus, we exclude the impact of random factors: surface irregularities, inaccurate installation level.

accuracy check will increase if the level checked in a state where the bubble touches one of the scratches.

level check is performed every time before starting work and after any accidental dropping of the tool or if you suspect that the level began to "lie".

builders know that the quality level of long eminent manufacturer is very expensive.However, the forum users have found a way, how you can save.We proceed as follows: acquire accurate but short level and attach it with masking tape to the long rule.


- Becausetypically it is relatively inexpensive, the result is an excellent measuring tool length of 3 meters.The accuracy of this upgraded level is enough for domestic needs.

learn how to work with lasers users can learn in this topic.Everything you wanted to know about gidrourovnya, described here.Educational program for marking cord is available at this link.And from this topic, you will learn how to choose the bubble level.