Iron horse works for you.

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12 April 2016

Every year the cultivators and tillers are increasingly used for home gardens and farms.We believe that the majority of users agree with the statement that in our time it is difficult to do at the cottage without iron assistant.

plow the soil, dig potatoes, drop off a trailer loaded with the harvested crop to the outbuildings, or mow the grass - all under the force of steel horses.

But how to choose the equipment that best suits your needs and what they - these iron helpers?

So, after reading this article, you will learn:

  • What are the differences may be between cultivators and motor blocks;
  • How to approach the selection Motorblocks, motor cultivators;
  • Which works best walk-behind, and for what tiller.

Motor-cultivators and tillers - similarities and differences

In order to understand what is the similarities and differences between these classes of equipment need to understand how they work.Consider the title of "tiller".This word consists of two parts: Vehicles - which m

eans the engine and tiller.

soil cultivation is loosening its surface layer without turning the reservoir.

specialist companies VseInstrumenty Alexander Dubov:

- Tiller - a special machine with the engine, which is designed for loosening the soil with rotating tools - cutters. As a complement, some models - for a fee can be equipped with devices for other tasks.For example: transport truck, cut grooves, extract roots.

Tiller without driving wheels, is moved forward by a rotary cultivator cutters which are rigidly secured to the operating shaft.

Cultivation - the fastest and uniform method of mixing fertilizer to the ground and destroy the root system of the weeds between the rows.In loose soil better plantlets as oxygen, water and fertilizer to penetrate without hindrance to the roots.

now look at what is behind tractor.

motorcycle - engine and power - unifying element.Thus, tillers - is a versatile actuator, which can be hung on additional mechanisms.

Without tools behind tractor will not be able to perform the necessary functions, but to move themselves on self-propelled chassis.

During the drive of working tools in Tillers responds element such as a PTO.

exceptions are the tools: the plow and other tools to work that do not require rotational movement.

common elements for cultivators and tillers are:

  • frame in which the engine is attached.Engines which in turn can be petrol - two - or four-stroke;diesel or electric mains or battery power;
  • Transmission - transmits the rotation from the motor to the output shaft, or in the case of cultivators - cultivators for milling;
  • Arms Control, which handles mounted clutch and gas and the shift lever.Current models can be equipped with an emergency stop lever, which turns off the clutch and suppresses the engine.

Most modern cultivators and tillers are equipped with four-stroke engines.Two-stroke engines are mainly used in the ultralight models.Since they are simpler and much easier device.

Keep in mind that two-stroke engines have higher fuel consumption than the four-stroke.But if you have to work on slopes, it is necessary to draw attention to the presence in four model oil pump that lubricates the engine at angles more than 20 degrees.

Features selection Motorblocks, motor cultivators

So how to approach the choice of motor cultivator or cultivators?You must agree that the process suburban area of ​​5-7 hectare - this is one problem, and if you face the goal to plow an area of ​​more than 20 acres of land, it is - is quite another.

Alexander Dubov:

- Start selection of an instrument must be a site assessment that needs to be processed.It is also important to the operation of the manual to clarify the frequency of maintenance and safety in use.Since the violation of operating conditions - this is the main reason for treatment in the service, followed by the denial of warranty repairs.

to select the desired model cultivators can be divided into weight categories:

  • ultralight cultivators are ideal for cramped areas and a model with an electric motor are often used in greenhouses;
  • light and medium - selected depending on the size of the area, so that the working width allowed to operate freely, even in hard to reach places.
  • Heavy - the best solution for large sites with the condensed, heavy soil.

By design, you can select a model with a reverse movement of the swing mills.This feature is indispensable for heavy clay soil and virgin lands.Of the remaining after the initial selection of models, select which ones:

  • can be equipped with additional devices;
  • What tools can be useful, and whether or not to overpay for this possibility;
  • Which of the necessary supplies can be purchased.

Any technique sometimes in need of repair - the warranty, the fault of the user, or normal wear and tear.It is important to assess how far is the manufacturer's service center.Otherwise, then have to regret spent on transportation time and money.

For a preliminary assessment of the choice of the cultivator can be guided by the following table.

arable land

power tillers, hp

Up to 15 acres


Up to 60 acres


1 hectare

From 9

Although this table is only a recommendation, it should be noted that a serious approach to handling large plot of land requires serious equipment.And tillers or cultivators with power reserve, known for their durability and reliability, as they do not operate at maximum capacity.

Which works are cultivators and tillers?

leading specialist Unisaw Denis Filimonov .

- When selecting or cultivators motoblock main criterion is the area of ​​the plot, its structuring and zoning.

Mini cultivators are suitable for the treatment of small areas: the flower beds, flower beds, greenhouses or areas up to 6 acres.Very comfortable advantage of a mini-cultivator is that it fits easily into a car trunk.

Cultivators middle class perfectly cope with work in areas up to 15 hectares, and they are suitable not only for the treated soil, but also to virgin land.The weight of these vehicles is 50 kg.Increased engine power can significantly increase the working width 90 cm and working depth - up to 32 cm. In addition, significant weight cultivators makes them more stable and comfortable at work.Increased maneuverability some models medium cultivators solved by a unique reverse - reverse gear without using the seat belt.

Heavy cultivators , having a weight of 75 kg, indispensable for a large plot of more than 25 acres.The weight of these machines allows effortlessly penetrate the soil, and the power, and enhanced transmission with reduced transmission is sufficient to use a wide range of attachments.

Tillers PTO are professional multifunction machine capable of year-round effectively perform a wide range of work: soil cultivation, mowing, snow removal.

very important for cultivators is possible to install the attachment.This can be:

  • Hillers - cutter grooves, allowing to form furrows for planting or seeding;
  • Potato, potato tubers eject out of the ground;
  • aerator, piercing the lawn to the air;
  • Schelevatel for combing the lawn of dry grass,
  • Pnevmokolesa and truck-trailer for transportation of goods,
  • metal lugs to work with hiller, plow or potato digger.

should remember: the more powerful model, cultivators and tillers, more expensive it is.Therefore the choice of the performance of the cultivator depends on the size of your site. But as practice shows, the choice depends not only on this.Important role played by the structure of the soil and crops.Since most suburban areas zoned strictly Garden, greenhouse, lawns and beds, in which case it makes sense to opt for a model ultralight or light class. In such cramped conditions, mobility is crucial and allows you to work in narrow and hard to reach places.

Diesel or gasoline?

Because of the limited choice and higher, compared with gasoline counterparts, the price of diesel cultivators still considered exotic in our market.So what are the benefits to the buyer, choosing a diesel engine?

Denis Filimonov:

- Many Europeans give their preference for diesel vehicles.A walk-behind - the same car, only on two wheels.Of the advantages are the following: firstly lower compared to petrol cultivator fuel consumption.Second, high-torque - in this diesel engines outperform their gasoline counterparts.Link vosmisilnogo diesel is comparable to a gasoline engine with a capacity of 10-12 hpThird, reliability: under the same operating conditions, diesel engines more durable than gasoline.

Summarizing it can be said that the choice of motor cultivator cultivators and requires a thoughtful approach and a clear understanding of what works and for the purposes of this technique is acquired.Only in this way you can ensure that an assistant with mechanical heart will faithfully serve you for years to come!

Learn all about cultivators and tillers users can in this section e our forum.Hot discussion on how to choose a walk-behind tractor or tiller, conducted here . A selection order for this type of technology can be found at this link .

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