Mole Repeller: evaluate Gameday

By Admin | Equipment.
11 April 2016

Every year, many of us see in their areas should be dug from the mole burrows.This means that once again will have to fight for the harvest and beautiful lawn.Of course, it is possible to arm the traditional ways of combating these harmful small animals: traps and poison.An effective method is also considered planting plants that moles literally can not stand: narcissus, ornamental onions, marigolds, etc.Experience, as science moves forward, and offers us new technologies to combat the moles.This is the so-called krotootpugivatele.Operates this unit usually solar-powered, ie,his lack of action for a long time: day and night guard.It stuck to the ground and oscillates low frequency.Such vibrations can scare moles.But plants and insects remain unharmed.

new posts under the name Evge satisfied with the purchase of this device, however, notes that the area of ​​impact does not exceed 10-12 acres.However, another user forumhouse. ru (nick Offline GRAD ) decided to play it safe and put just four r

epeller on an area of ​​six acres.A reasonable question arises - if the unit is not dangerous to humans, since it is able to let a little scare, but the beast?But, fortunately, gardeners can be for yourself calm:

«Krotootpugivatel generates ultrasonic vibrations, which act on the underground animals as if to warn of the danger.Therefore, moles and voles are moving to another residence, bypassing the object where the krotootpugivatel. »,

- notes Evge .People obviously these warnings do not apply.

But new posts Ёlya enthusiasm surprised everyone, because it is this experience with krotootpugivatelya:

«Moles passed, poplёvyvaya over his shoulder at this miracle of technology.»

her colleagues are convinced that it is betterConventional krotolovok nothing can not be: a certain number of animals will die a hero's death, while the others will be afraid to approach a dangerous place.And repellents, said to have been proven - turntables.Only the sound from them is not only annoying sometimes moles.

radical way to combat the mole offers the user forumhouse. ru under the name Hischnyy_Mysh:

«Take at a friend's rental fee.Or invite them for a week with a taxi to the cottage.All will catch the moles! »

Reviews from krotootpugivateley completely opposite from enthusiastic to sharply negative.Whether different manufacturers, or moles somewhere too bold.Given that the device is not so expensive (an average of 1,000 rubles), you can try and put the repeller on the site.But users forumhouse. ru correctly observed: moles will need to run away, and this place could easily be easily plot your neighbors:

«How to get hold of the enemy here is not more impressive than the blind animals ...»

hope, fightingPest end of your victory!