Which TV antenna to deliver to the country?

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09 April 2016

Knowledge - force! Especially if that knowledge can be shared with others.Any of the user forumhouse.ru knows that, despite the fact that in the country there is always something to do, for example, to plow land with the help of cultivators, in the evening I want to relax from the labors.

And what could be better than to get together with friends in the evening on the terrace and watch the football game on TV with your favorite team?

Although it is believed that the best reception and most importantly increasing the number of channels capable of providing only a satellite dish, sometimes, for various reasons - unwillingness to put an expensive dish or having only old TV that bad « pulls figure», gardeners are usually chosenTV antenna.


- I choose to give the antenna, which is located 100 km from Moscow.I wish that she would take the channels 5-6.SinceNow shows only one channel, and that is bad.Without satellite TV I want to do.Is there such an antenna?

opinions of our user with th

e nickname Alexander 2 :

- If the TV tower to more than 50 - 60 km, it is about technique, you can forget the ether (still heavily dependent on the terrain).Most likely, you will be able to receive a signal from one of the regional repeaters located in nearby regional centers.Before installing the antenna to protect the structural elements of the adverse weather conditions it is necessary to completely disassemble and lubricate all contacts, thread, Gadget and cogs Movil or lithologic - in this case, the antenna does not serve a year, and much more.

usually built in antenna amplifiers operate until the first good storm.And ground or lightning rod here does not help.SinceGrounding protects the house.

Alexander 2 :

- I do not ground the antenna if this is categorically not the customer insists.The grounded If the antenna is on the dominant height, the lightning strike into it necessarily, and if not grounded - is likely lightning struck a tall tree nearby.

antenna with built-in amplifier can be damaged in any storm because of induced electricity - hit first stage LNA, which is located directly at the antenna.

Therefore it is better to use a passive antenna and amplifier (separate) put in the attic - then will be able to adjust and do not have to climb after each storm on the roof to change it.The antenna is better to take the aluminum - it is less corroded, less weight, and as a consequence - it is easier to install.


- Becausethe amplifier is at the bottom.Power to the antenna does not go, and hence the probability of withdrawing from the system less.

Power is better to take a separate adjustment for VHF and UHF bands.Crucial is the height of the antenna and its maximum distance from the iron roof and vehicle lighting.

Alexander 2 :

- Just place a good reception antenna with an amplifier to anything.Without a built-in amplifier antenna receives fewer channels, but cleaner!And in the TV "Samsung" and "E Ji" is a function of small-signal gain, which can, in some cases, to do without the amplifier.

article about thatched roofs available this link .

If even only one getting out strongly after the amplifier channel exceeds the maximum level, then he is "upset" amplifier (overload) and the output is a porridge of channels.

main drawback of active antennas - the inability to gain control ("the game" change of power supply - about anything), the inability to reject "Skylink", the inability to weaken the strong "get out" of channels.

If the antenna and amplifier are each other at a distance r from 0 m to 10 m (mast + descent in the attic), in most cases it does not lead to attenuation.

is also necessary to remember that for the normal operation of the amplifier is necessary that the signals arriving at its entrance, were about the same, and a certain level.Any channel (or interference from the cellular network 450 MHz Radio alarm, etc.) greatly exceed the level of the other channels, it overloads the amplifier and displayed on the screen "mud."At very high level of the amplifier may be overloaded so that the screen will generally not see anything.Turn off the amplifier in this case is impossible without alteration of such "antenna".

Alexander 2 :

- But in addition to the antenna, a lot depends on cable, I advise you to take the SAT or 50 SAT 703.

Even living near the transmission repeater does not guarantee reliable reception.


- I think that the signal from the air each year is getting worse and worse.I can not say about the Moscow region, but in my country, the usual inactive "efirka", a year ago showed 15 channels, and this summer, 10 regional Federal +2.There is obviously a problem in the frequencies that are affected by a lot of established cell towers.I have clients on satellite TV, 100 meters from the live TV station, TV and still they show bad!Therefore it is better to switch to satellite TV.

Alexander 2 :

- "Sverhblizhny" appointment TV - is a special case!You've got to think.Specialties include terrestrial antenna installation angle of 5 - 10 degrees to the horizon, and we must not amplify the signal, and selectively extinguish the channels using the notch filters.

A to obstacles and distance does not affect the reception of picture and come up with digital terrestrial TV.

From theory to practice

Let us examine all phases of the antenna on the example of our forumchanin.


- I have a house situated in 70km from Moscow (north-east), the signal strength and quality of reception of the data yet.Before the structure no obstacles, the proposed height of the antenna mount 6m in the house splitter 3 TV outlet.It would be desirable to carry out the central reception of channels in a more or less decent quality.I put a little more passive antenna size and a separate amplifier to her.

Alexander 2 :

- In this case, the installation of the antenna can be divided into several stages, which will select the most optimal design.So:

  • To start put three separate antennas for each band.Mast need full-time rather than stick / pole or pipe.Power is not to buy, and add the signals from three antennas on a special filter summation.
  • Then divide the signal into three tail using a divider.
  • If the picture does not suit you, you may need trёhvhodovoy band amplifier.They are usually called mast, but in our climate is better to put them in the attic.
  • During installation, nothing to confuse, it is imperative to mark the cables from the three antennas.

Once our users to benefit from the above diagram, the results were immediate.

  • 1 channel, TV center, Channel 5 and Star - show minor disturbances.
  • Home, REN TV, STS, TNT, 7 TV, DTV, MTV, Muz TV, 2x2 - show very well.
  • Russia - bad, NTV - very bad, Sports - never seen.


- In general, we can say that the result is positive, the only thing I would like to see sports channel, but it requires a dish.

But beyond what is necessary to choose the right antenna, it is necessary for something to fix.Although the sale is a set of wall brackets or mounting a match, sometimes, not to spoil the front of the house, easy to mount the antenna on the tree.


- When installing the antenna do not want to spoil the gable of the cottage, the siding under the drilling arm, etc., but next to the house is a 15-century-old linden tree height than non-mast?


- On the tree, you can set and satellite dish, and ether.After all, the tree trunk does not rotate around its axis, and wobble does not lead to loss of signal.

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