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17 April 2016
They - the real woman: sweet, kind, gentle and strong, strong-willed, courageous at the same time.They know how to fill the house of comfort and can hammer a nail.Even working with a plane alien to them.Some single-handedly built the entire house!And if you still think that men at a construction site has no equal, just you are not familiar with the stories of the participants FORUMHOUSE.They admire his example and proves that our women can do anything.
first story - a heroic
«When I decided that I need a house?Probably, when I met my husband.At that time I was a 1-bedroom apartment in the village of 5 houses in 20 km from Riga.Forest for many kilometers around the lake right next to the house - in my opinion, these were the perfect conditions for life.But like cats (but more), a dog (thicker and polohmatey), freedom and space! "- Shares his story participant FORUMHOUSE besjuchestj , in ordinary life - a girl with a beautiful name of Mary.
not dream of putting on the back burner, new post
s with her husband acquired a site 35 kilometers from Riga, and settled in the construction trailer - without waiting for the electricity will be connected (for this you had to pay 5,400 euros, and such amount in theirthe time was not).Build wife could only on weekends, since all week worked in Riga full time.And therefore in the first year we had a clear land, build temporary barracks, and dig sewers.The water taken from a spring in the forest 300 meters from the site.And yet, in anticipation of electricity, Maria got a battery system for low energy consumers.
besjuchestj :
- It was scary, dark and strange.But my husband and cheerful people, patience,null, sense of scream and began to settle.
All winter besjuchestj bore in the head and to draw on the paper project: a house had to get small - about 100 square meters, with three bedrooms, living room, spacious hallway, bathroom, storage area, boiler room and laundry.As soon as spring came, and the building permit was in hand, we proceeded to the installation of foundations.It was a classic for Latvia - belt, 1.2 m deep and 0.35 m wide, concrete B20, reinforcing mesh 100x100 d6 and heel - 0.7 m x 0.15 m.Formwork rented - the money gets the same, what to buy / used plywood, but easier and more reliable.
decided to erect the walls of the foam blocks.Initially besjuchestj did not plan to put blocks on their own - this had to do a husband and father of the girl.But since men could build only on weekends, and schedule new posts were freer, she took stacking blocks in their women's hands.Thus, over the summer we managed to build the wall.
next construction season Maria dedicated device roof.All work - from installing the rafters before laying tiles and battens - girl performs itself, and only as far as possible to the rescue came the man she loved - a husband and father.Here is how to FORUMHOUSE itself besjuchestj :
- I was determined to finish the roof.It seemed that nothing could stop me.No broken fingers, nor lack of adequate timber or ended drives and nails.Inventories are replenished, skate boards on the circular saw, I drank from a large timber, at the same time to saw the side rails under the shingles.
Someone on the forum condemns the husband, for example, that the fragile girl remained almost alone with the construction site.However, most members of the forum is still admired resistance, courage Masha and how she copes brilliantly with the task.The house is already flooded with rough floors, installed windows and doors, and our heroine is waiting for the arrival of this spring, and heat to continue the construction of their dream home.
Over the course of construction of the house besjuchestj can follow this topic to FORUMHOUSE.
second story - not for the faint of heart
For several months, the participant FORUMHOUSE Katherine Y. own lives in a wooden house on the bank of the Oka in Ryazan.Taking on the role of the superintendent, a woman for several years led its construction - is developing a project to hire workers, has purchased construction materials, bug fixes builders, worried, happy and dreamed of moving soon.
foundation poured without any problems, decided to make the walls of the timber.Log cabin quickly gathered and left him to spend the winter.And in the spring turned out that the builders made a big and expensive mistake along the window and door openings are not established Nagel, and "to fly log in window openings looked like the teeth of a crocodile" - says Catherine Y. .Align them with iron clamps to put in order, and a year later the same procedure had to be carried with the logs in the doorways in the house has dried up, with even more effort and nerves.
Next embarrassment occurred when digging a trench for the subsequent connection of water to the house from the city communications: a bulldozer damaged the pipeline just two - water and gas.Even though prior to construction Katherine Yu ordered topographic mapping of the site and get a plan where all communications were identified, it was not considered important - unauthorized incisions neighbors.
Katherine Y. :
- whole life flashed in this moment before my eyes, I had already decided which of the kidneys have to sell to clear the pipeline of a village from the water ... Derivation and advice novice builders: before summing upcommunications, construction of foundations, fence, setting rings and so on. d. Ask a neighbor "own" topographic mapping, and there may be a surprise until the power cable ...
But the trouble experienced.Wooden house is heated by gas, arranged heated floors - on the ground floor put the RC slabs, bricks lifted, "the gate" of the plate 25 cm for laying the insulation and filling all communications.Now Katherine Y. believes it is still a construction error - would be enough, and 15 cm, and the heating pipes do not need to be "buried" in the "coats" and to follow the original plan - as a heater to use concrete block.
already at the stage of finishing the house Catherine Yurievna thieves made their way and made all tools - grinders, drills, jigsaws.Expensive tools had to buy again.
And yet, in the end everything turned out - the house occupied and settles, and Katherine Y. gives inspiring farewell to everyone who reads it subject to FORUMHOUSE:
- If you dream, you do not listen to anybody and do not be afraid,we are still neighbors said that the wooden house - this is impractical, spiders, each year the restoration of something ... Well, let them.But there ... smell!And do not fonit).
third story - Municipal
Construction of houses - not all, with what face to face to face with our Women.Sometimes, heroism and determination and require repairs in the apartment.Especially when it comes to the old St. Petersburg communal flat in a building without a major overhaul, so even with a non-trivial layout.
Repair epic participating FORUMHOUSE tikhonya began in November 2010:
- One fateful day I realized that I was tortured to live in ruins (though well aware that in communal is all much worse), so I decided to take myselfhands and gently update bathroom and toilet (for a start).In the spring of 2013, we started to repair one of the rooms.
first removed the old wallpaper - the scale of the disaster became clear: the walls required fresh plaster and putty.Dilapidated wooden box replaced with plastic, laid out in neat white windowsill plitochki 10x10.Battery stitched in drywall box.Wooden doors removed from their hinges, sanded, Stopper cracks and painted white.Old, but Mighty otsiklevali and parquet covered with oil.Re-painted ceiling, the walls "dressed up" in the new wallpaper and hid a layer of water-based paints lush green.Finally, we set a new furniture.Repairs in the room lasted for almost a year with long intervals.
However, this woman did not stop: behind the green bathroom renovation followed another "killed" little room.Here's what came of it:
repair their own hands in a communal apartment tikhonya continues.Watch the magical transformation possible in this topic in our forum.
And if you had thought that men on a construction site without equal, now you know: the woman can do everything.Well, almost everything.And not from the desire of rivalry grows into a woman the strength and power - just burn all the huts, and all the horses gallop ...
participant FORUMHOUSE Zhenya79 created a forum on the theme "Women in Construction", which appealed to users with a question: "How would you when ordering perceived as a woman artist?".The fact that the new posts for a couple with her husband engaged in caulking, and does its job well.But the attitude of the customers is a concern - When you hear a woman's voice, they are usually surprised, and has repeatedly called on the phone Woman Eugene.By the way, funny but hurtful discrimination happened with our other new posts: besjuchestj initially even refused to take the concrete for pouring the foundation and incredulously asked to call a man to the tube.
opinions FORUMHOUSE when asked Zheni79 diverged:
- I, for example, before making a decision about hiring a performer, try to talk to and to get answers to their questions.If I get them out of the mouth of the competent, personally I do not care whether they (the mouth) are made up with lipstick, or over will be neatly trimmed mustache.
everywhere :
- is a difficult lesson - konopatka.I do not like to look at the women behind the wheel of the "Gazelle" with a hammer in his hands, with a yoke on his shoulders.This is a private matter, but my wife will not knead concrete and dig trenches, because I - against.
Hill :
- Eugene 79, you would be nice to come work painting houses.I am writing this because the girl with a brush looks more natural, perhaps, than a girl with a mallet.
vvv916 :
- To be honest, on the construction site with a woman I would especially not like to mess with.Design is a fine landscape.A planing, sawing - do not want to.I fear that the author topic all the time have to spend extra strength to overcome this prejudice when dealing with the customer.
Talnova :
- I am not against a woman on a construction site.I think if she came back, it's not just so pampered.A woman will do anything to her it turned out no worse than that of men.So, the quality will not suffer if you do not say that to improve.For me, as a customer, it is important, not who does it - male or female.
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