Colors repair.

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16 April 2016

One of the main tools of secret, which is obliged to own designers who are fluent artists, which can be useful to any person -At least color.

around us myriad of colors and shades.Why do some of them we like, others - not?How to choose the right color of the wallpaper in the hallway, and whether its hue with the color logo of your favorite brand?

Let's deal together.

sense of color - it's like, remember the movie "Snow sense of Smilla" - the main character, with its mind-boggling snegoveda profession, he said that more than five hundred Eskimo words denoting snow.They live in its environment and distinguish the slightest change in tone and structure of which are unknown to the average European.What is the essence?That Smilla, having lived in the polar snows, this knowledge is acquired, I learned to see and discern.

same way, we can train your vision of color, the ability to automatically generate a successful color combinations, or choose from a palette offered the most relevant.

What happens when we start to pick up color in the interior?From the experience of communicating with clients and members of my branch to the forum there was a clear pattern of human behavior baffled the matter.

most common scenario - the search for solutions to the online service that provides complete color palette.These are the sites of manufacturers of paints, sites on design.The basic scheme there is the same: there is a certain image, and - to her - the layout of colors.

This method is available, clear and simple.In step selection palette.He is good in that it allows to issue a general concept, "ideas" of the interior.

In addition, it provides some "moody" and gender clues.

Here is an excellent example of such palettes: one - air-feminine, suitable for a room of a young girl.Delicate pastel shades, light curtains, light furniture.

others - this study or bedroom men.Laurel and oak.Ivy League.True gentleman.Dark wood furniture, green dense cloth, massive waxed boards on the floor, brass and malt.

course, this is all the stereotypes and the game in the association, but, in most cases, helps.

Are there any disadvantages to this method?Unfortunately yes.

first and most important - a huge number of palettes - unsuitable for creation on their basis of the interior.They can be a beautiful picture, an example of print design, but - no interior palette.For various reasons, mostly -nesbalansirovannoe combination brightest contrasts, or vice versa - pure single tones.

the example of these palettes (window with a Chinese lantern and leaf with drops of water), we see the palette, using which in the interior we get a kind of result.In the first case - we can expect too "overheated".The shade of ivory, peach, orange, lavender tone ... Orange and purple - a wonderful companion, but - not like the tone.Photo and saves the deep gray-blue rock (the windows), it is not in a palette of colors in the collection ... with a sheet - an example of pure single palette, when all the colors in it - shades of one color.In fact, the two colors to the left - the third white shades, which stands on the center collection.Two colors on the right - is shades of white with a little warm tones and neutral gray-beige shade.We obtain a sterile interior, dull and flat.

this joyful palette I would prefer to leave without such analysis - it illustrates the brightest "acidic" range of emotions.I was physically sick to look at it, you want to - believe it or not.

I do not mind bright colors, but when looking at the colors recall the word "iso" (which meant it did not), then a palette that something is not right ...

Let me explain.We live in the interior, to be and stay longer than 5 minutes.And to do it in such a toxic little reckless.

But - in my opinion - a good example of a bright, contrasting, but - nonetheless - very harmonious and applicable in the interior color palette.

Then added a gray-beige shade - an excellent base.The blue color of dull, red and even bright but warm tone.Lime green, maybe I'm a little bleached - look, he's clearly different from the color of coriander seeds in the photo.They are a little more gray-green.Well, turmeric - a warm yellow - are in place.

further disadvantage of this method - in the absence of direct references herein to such an important figure as the amount of a particular color in the interior.Trained eye immediately distinguishes the main-extra-contrasts.Basic - most (base), complementary colors smaller, but still noticeable, and contrasts - quite a bit: the drops, smears and splashes.

What to do in this situation, an inexperienced user?How to navigate - what and where?

This is a wonderful example.Let palette are clearly not full - it is no light shade of bronze (they painted wood of the chair, and it lurks in the wallpaper).Basic - Brown.Two extra - bright turquoise and bronze.Contrast - orchid.Well, no orchids (not in season, or have not been a guest of Nero Wolfe) - it could be a vase, pillow, a picture on the wall.What we get in the ratio?How many percent of the visible surface takes pink?Negligible.But - it is, and it is different.

Now imagine instead of pictures of the finished interior - cabbage.Or a couple of kingfishers.Palettes good?Yes.With birds - so generally beautiful.And then we where?Where is the floor where the sofa, and where the orchid?

I in no way want to act according to the example of the continuous mocking and defying fundamentals.

method is good to use can and should be - but at the same time to take into account its features.

What are some other ways to work with color for an amateur?On that you can rely on, what rules guide - Topics of the following articles.

of Tau be continued, as they say.

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