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09 April 2016
regular haircut - a prerequisite for creating the area nice and tidy lawns.Correct mowing stimulates the vegetative development of grasses, makes the plant stronger and helps control weeds.In many ways, the quality of mowing depends on the type of machinery - lawn mower or trimmer.Different types of lawn and lots of different sizes and the landscape and require different units for haircuts.How to choose?
market offers a huge range of equipment for cutting grass on the sites and make the choice easy.Your budget is not the main factor, warn users FORUMHOUSE: technique must be chosen based on the type of terrain, the size of the site and the tasks required of it.
Let's start with the owners of the popular handheld areas braid or trim.Trimmers are considered a good choice for areas with large roughness, lots of shrubs, flower beds and other obstacles that are inconvenient to handle lawn mower wheel.In addition, the trimmers are appreciated for versatility: they can cut the grass and weeds on th
e bevel, fences and tree trunks, etc.
of the main drawbacks trimmer forum users say low power, and, consequently, the performance, and the low quality of treatment of lawns: no matter how hard you try, cut from hand-scythe still turns rough and grass clippings scattered on the site.Most people believed that for large flat areas trimmer - definitely not an option.But as an auxiliary tool for refining site in remote places after mowing the lawn mower light Trimmer fits perfectly.One mower to achieve the perfect "Still Life" at the site, too, will not work: there will always be difficult places in the corners and around trees, shrubs shoots hard.
Another negative trimmer on which users complain - even a small tool weight after a long work of "delaying" the hand;after such "fizzaryadki" sore muscles and shoulders.The problem is easily solved by adjusting the strap, and the development of competent skills makes it convenient and effective cut even heavy trimmer claims forumchanin Falkon58:
- Most owners, moving from the small to the big trim, overhead motor complain of discomfort.Accustomed waving small as of Lithuania.The large capture twice as many;if easily without swings, move the bar - the result is better.Pads - to the opposite shoulder, not at the trim, the correct adjustment of the belt - and it will be convenient.
Hand braids are gasoline and electric.The latter is easier, less noisy and do not poison the atmosphere, but they are thin and are "tied" to the power cord, which accounts for a drag on the site and make sure that it does not come under the knives.Gasoline harder, but much more powerful and productive.
- Any trimmers works like brush cutter, if it does not put a fishing line and a metal disc.But we must not buy any, but only the "native" for instructions.The more petals in the disk, the easier it will be to mow the shrub growth and thick grass.
performance of any type of lawn mower depends on the power of the engine.Electric usually less powerful.For a small portion of non-rigid short grass is fine electric mower up to 600 watts.Thick and tough grass and weeds will require more than a high-powered unit - no less than a thousand watts.
Even the most "weak" petrol mowers have a power within three horsepower, while the most powerful power - 1800 W (about 2.5 hp).Accordingly, the cutting speed and overall performance at the petrol units above.
If you choose, it is important to orient to the area and mows the area: Useful area will be limited to elektrokosilki cord from the wall socket for remote areas will have to use transportation.In addition, the operation of an electric mower involves compulsory process breaks in the process - in order to prevent overheating of the engine.It also affects the performance.
- electric mowers Pros: price, weight, ease of operation and maintenance.Cons: performance, power.If an area of ‚Äč‚Äčover 6.5 acres and lots of plants, if there are frequent blackouts - the better gasoline.
Not a bad option for the small suburban areas and lawns with soft grass - cordless mowers.But they are only suited for regular mowing manicured lawns small area - to more simply do not have enough power and battery power.
- Pros battery options: lightness, agility, mobility.No smell, easy maintenance.Personal experience of operation - five seasons: Ten acres with lots of bushes and trees, also have a piece with a serious bias.Cons: The main - the price.In addition, the power may not be enough: make "hay" once a month, it will not turn out.But with two weeks 'beard' cope.
Often, choosing a lawn mower, the hosts can not decide whether to stay on a self-propelled version.A definite plus self-propelled mowers: work with it does not require much effort, you just send the machine, and it will move itself, due to the drive wheels.However, the cost of "self-propelled" much higher self-propelled models, fuel or electricity it consumes more - the power of the "stolen" wheel drive.
- Advantages of self-propelled mowers: facilitates and speeds up the process, especially for women.Cons: price, design complexity.Recommendation: If the site is over 10 acres and uneven - self-propelled.Variator most believe overkill, but there are some positive reviews if a strong bias and little power - not a bad thing.But unreasonably expensive, we can well do without it.
Another option that is worth paying attention to - the possibility of adjusting the height of mowing grass.For a classic lawn will be enough height from 3.5 to 7.5 cm. For uneven terrain mower needs on which to set the height of the mowing until at least 9 cm. The design of the mower can be provided with a central height adjustment, or separately for each wheel.The first option is more convenient to consider the majority of members of the forum.Another useful option is - a piano (swing) the front wheels.These wheels make the mower is much more maneuverable, it is especially important for areas with a lot of obstacles.
container-bagging lawn mower is in rigid plastic or soft tissue.Which option is better?Cloth adds mower weight, but, in the opinion of some members of the forum, more dirty, wet from the damp grass from it harder to shake the contents.Most, however, concurs that the fundamental difference, a hard or soft container does not exist.It is a matter of individual choice, the main thing that the container is, and there is no need to collect grass clippings from the lawn.
When you select should pay attention to the material of the body mower.Steel - the most durable, but also the most difficult, is subject to corrosion.Plastic - the easiest, but short-lived (the same applies to the plastic rims - many of them criticized for being quickly "erased").
Another version of the mower, which enjoys well-deserved popularity among members of the forum - a mechanical mower.These mowers at a low price are capable of high-quality haircuts, they do not harm the environment, no noise and does not require fuel or electricity.The main disadvantage of mechanical mowers considered that to manage them need serious efforts.
accepted that mechanical mowers are suitable only for small areas.Many users FORUMHOUSE disagree.Mechanics copes with large volumes, it does not need consumables such as fishing line, care for her simple, it does not require frequent maintenance, says forumchanin fgh:
- Performance at the mechanics of a lot more than the trim.Previously, the trimmer I needed almost a day, mechanics cope three hours, plus an hour trimmer in places that can not physically mow mechanics.Take the model of the container - no problems with combing and dry grass.
However, choosing a mechanical mower, you should seriously consider whether it is suitable for your environment.Mechanical unit requires smooth lawns, although doing well in areas with little mounds and pits.In addition, mechanical mow mower have to regularly - at least twice, and sometimes three times a week.Are you ready for such time-consuming and exercise?
above choices mower, of course, not limited.Recently, for example, have become increasingly popular mower.This is a great option for the lazy or extremely busy householders other concerns, but, of course, and the cost of such an intelligent Scythe is still close to the "space".
Experience choice of petrol and electric hand braid (trimmers) users in this forum are divided and this topics.Advantages and disadvantages of mechanical and electric lawn mowers are discussed here.In this branch - the recommendations and the exchange of information on the selection of electric lawn mowers.Discussion of self-propelled lawn mowers of various types - in this thread.The fact of what parameters should be selected mower for your site, tells this video.