How to organize the life of the workers at the time of construction?

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16 April 2016

Practice shows users FORUMHOUSE, how well organized working life depends on the quality and speed of construction of the house.

main thing in this case - does not let to chance and not to think that the construction team take care of itself.

course, you can give everything at the mercy of the foreman, but if you take on the organization of normal living conditions for the workers on their own, then it will keep a "finger on the pulse" of the entire building.

Despite its apparent simplicity, the work of organizing life - a serious event that requires a thoughtful approach.Often, inexperienced developers are lost and do not know where to start.


- The Working - 4 people - will build me a house for the summer.I hope that the forum users prompt what living conditions I have to provide them?

Workers in the construction necessary to provide:

  1. place to live and receive write.
  2. WC.
  3. water and shower.
  4. electricity.

If the site does not yet have electricity, will have to buy or rent a

gasoline generator.Or, alternatively, to negotiate with the neighbors, they put the meter (as it is done accounting and payment of consumed electricity) and drag them to the cable itself to the site.

This article tells how to get out of a difficult situation, if there is no electricity in the area.


- In my opinion, comfortable cabins for builders of the "wagon".In addition to the toilet, should definitely establish electricity and water according to the principle: opened the tap - water flows.

Shower, even years, it is better to make a small, 30-50 liters boiler.When you first purchase materials recommend buying edging board.

It will go to any urgent needs - to arrange a canopy, bring down the toilet booth, etc.Also useful or reinforced greenhouse foil or awning canvas.

If the site has electricity, then into the normal metal drums under the outdoor shower is possible to further embed the heating tan and get warm water for washing.

Besides shower and toilet, you must negotiate directly with the workers, where they buy goods, and who buys them (depending on the degree of remoteness of the market or the store).Also, do not be amiss to change house kit with the necessary medicines and bandages.


- We are building a team of 2 to 6 people.We live in a change house.Summer cabins lack 2x4 m, 2x6 m in the winter need.

In this case, it is possible to organize a small vestibule for storing warm clothes, and overheated air from the room will be less to go.

Toilet Equips themselves.If there is no electricity - to take a generator.Drinking water, if it does not also bring ourselves.But if you plan to foundation work, it is best if the area has a process water, which will have to dig a well in advance or score Abyssinian well.

All additional costs - electricity, gas cylinders for gas stove, fuel for the generator, etc.- Negotiated with workers and a foreman in advance and included in the budget!If construction is carried out in an open field, and builders have to live in a tent without basic amenities, it made additional payment for discomfort.

To buy the shed, you can buy a building material.In this case, workers will be able to do a couple of days to build a barn-shed.It's cheaper than buying ready-made shed even b / y.After building a barn can be used for storing household equipment or disassemble on board.With regard to household belongings, the mattresses, pillows, heaters, dishes and other utensils workers must bring with them - in the same way as the tool.The developer can provide a cooking stove (gas or electric), small refrigerator, heater, if the construction is carried out during the cold season.In any case, all the details are specified in advance.


- Our builders, when they built us a house in one of the cabins amassed beds in the shape of the letter "L" in two tiers, and the other was stored tools, clothing and food.In the midst of cabins set cabinet with gas stove and cooking utensils.

When buying cabins to spare, you can immediately buy boards for deck chairs and a barrel for a summer soul and bring a pass all in one machine.

about how to make the shed told in this article .

After housing arrangement of the second question that requires an immediate solution - the device toilets.


- Think built in the spring, the question arose: how to solve the problem with a cheap toilet.All the time "running around in the woods" - is not an option.His plot to contaminate do not want to."Blue" -dorogo cabinet.What to do?

most budget option - dig a hole 40 cm deep, put in the corners of the column 4 and tighten the opaque film.

For convenience, you can put together a box, cut a hole, put into the bucket, and on top of the toilet to attach sidushku.

In this case, the box on the back side remains uncovered, and through the aperture gets a bucket.


- Below-Ground cabins 200 liters per barrel with a wide neck.After filling it out, and builders can cause assenizatorskaya machine and pump out everything and throw the barrel.

If messing with the export of waste not want, you can do easier.Determined place in the toilet (usually in the back of the plot).At this point bayonet shovel soil is cut in the shape of the letter "P", then this piece of turf turns up, dripped pit and placed on poles shelter or cabin.After filling the tank is filled and covered otvёrnutoy turf.You can even further sprinkle sawdust pit.No smell, no traces of such toilets are left.

important point the organization of working life - cleaning of debris.Garbage is usually removed in plastic bags and taken out of the accumulation.Who will take out waste - foreman, the workers themselves, or the developer - to avoid misunderstanding is solved in advance.

also need to take place in the constructors smoking.If you do not advance after the departure of the workers will have to collect the "bulls" on the entire site.

If construction is carried out in winter, you should immediately think, than to heat the shed.Standard options - electric heaters (the question of payment for electricity is solved individually with the builders) or wood stove.To reduce heat loss it is necessary to insulate the shed.

In conclusion, the article - Memo beginner developer.

  • Best of all, when the builders live in the same place and are building a house and do not come from far away.The constant presence of builders in the area deters thieves.In addition, the builders did not spend too much time on the road, which means that work is being done faster.

  • cabins after departure builders can be sold or used as a host.block.In this case it is necessary beforehand to prepare for repair cabins, asminor damage in the course of its operation is inevitable.
  • Rubbish continuously formed in the same place.Cigarette butts on the site, or, moreover, in a newly built house should not be!

  • As the developer refers to the organization of working life, so it applies to its own construction.It is psychologically affect the approach to the work of the builders.

How to organize the life of the builders, is discussed in this topic.All information on remote video surveillance construction site assembled here.Useful tips for beginners developers are here.Who pays for the light, if the workers live in the change house in winter?The answer to this question can be found by clicking on this link.

How to build a shed - see in this video.And in this video describes the establishment of the studio, where you can live during the construction of the house.