Learn from the mistakes!

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15 April 2016

this new and, as experience has shown, the actual service Knauf appeared to increase the general level of knowledge and professional skills of team leaders involved in the decorating.

Knauf experts analyzed the challenges faced by the builders of the most frequently revealed typical mistakes and developed a practical course on the correct use of technology and high-quality work with materials Knauf.

training program is designed to update existing knowledge obtained from specialized institutions, as well as to obtain the correct skills and quality work with the materials Knauf.The main advantage of the program lies in the fact that during the one-day training it provides concrete and practical recommendations to solve the most urgent problems of the building.

Exercise Program: "Common mistakes when finishing works»

Education has held in several groups, it passed both experienced professionals as well as beginners.
During training experts Training Center Knauf provide theoretical and practical a

dvice on the correct device partition walls, suspended ceilings, walls, precast foundation of the floor, self-leveling floor.Students also demonstrated components elements with which you can quickly and easily create frames curved ceilings.

One effective and visual learning techniques is to show examples of errors in installation, affecting the quality of construction.

To test the knowledge gained at the training course participants are encouraged to identify structures which nodes have been carried out in accordance with the manufacturer's recommended technology and in which mistakes were made, and suggest ways to correct them.

Experience of course reveals that in some cases the students in their work used rather "cumbersome" solution and not always in compliance with the technological requirements.

In this regard, the experts of the Training Center of the company Knauf emphasizes the techniques of proper execution units, as well as ways of eliminating existing shortcomings in the form factor.Special attention was given to the consequences of a particular installation error.

As a result of the course, we received from the participants more than positive feedback on the effectiveness of the courses.

This is evidenced by the fact that many of the participants have decided to undergo additional training at the Training Center for Knauf standard programs.

Training Center Knauf happy to all wishing to receive training, to obtain the necessary skills and explore current operational decisions in the field of modern building materials.

positive experience of the new program entitles you to believe that this course will be in demand and popular among builders.