Only practice.

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14 April 2016
rickety walls, cracks in the foundation, cold and mold in the house due to improperly cooked heating system ... Alas, as often happens when people are not attentive to the process of construction.Alterations entail additional costs, and the joy of moving into your own home is gradually replaced by annoyance and fatigue.To not be in this situation, many decide to build a house with his hands or meticulously monitor the whole process of construction, going into all of its subtleties.
however, take into account all the details and are equally well-versed in laying concrete blocks, roofing and flooring is difficult to fill.Search information, angling it from the Internet and books takes a lot of time and energy, and information is often found in conflict.Yes, and it is not clear, they were written by real practitioners or those who are on the scene and has never traveled.Check out the high-priced courses for builders or receive specialized education for the majority of samostroyschikov - not an option.
Given the need for new specific knowledge in the field of construction, design and construction of housing, the largest building portal Russian FORUMHOUSE opens his own academy.We will bring the most advanced and proven professionals, so you can get the most necessary practical information.Together we will learn to lay bricks and decorated walls, making drainage area and insulate the foundation, put dormers and break beds.Only practice!Only from practice!
All courses will be built in such a way to share large amounts of information on a compact stand-alone units.Optionally, you can listen to the whole course or only those sections that are of interest to you at the moment.
FORUMHOUSE Academy Support Center provides innovative technologies in the construction of the Higher School of Economics.
We will help you to understand the construction and finishing materials that exist in the market and technological features of work with them.Special courses and workshops will be devoted to landscape design and maintenance of the garden and vegetable garden.Information will be available not only to Muscovites - for residents of regions will get webinars.
We hope that the Academy FORUMHOUSE allow our listeners to discover new opportunities for creativity in your home and in the country.As well as avoiding mistakes and disappointments in the construction of their dream home.
In anticipation of the launch of a new project FORUMHOUSE announces a contest:
1) Write a short story, what would you like to learn in the Academy FORUMHOUSE and why you need it;
2) Send your essay c marked "Competition" on e-mail until May 10, 2015 .Be sure to include in the letter your name, phone number and mailing address;
3) In late May, a panel of judges will select the two best FORUMHOUSE work.The author of the most interesting ideas will receive the main prize - free training in any course or seminar Academy FORUMHOUSE choice.The second finalist will be awarded stabilizer SyberPower AVR 1000E (1000W)!
4) The results of the contest until May 20 will be announced on the website and social networks.
See you soon at the Academy FORUMHOUSE!