Insurance regulations

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19 April 2016

Insurance case

If you want to insure you purchase Insurance regulations land or a house, which is still under construction, carefully read the rules of insurance.

Typically, during each occurrence of the insured event, first of all, find out the cause of its occurrence.And if the case fits within the exception, then the insurer will refuse to pay.

major reason of non-payment of money - a violation of the rules of operation.For example, instead of a qualified professional electric stove connected neighbor, as a result of a short circuit and a fire;or the house caught fire while smoking in bed drunk.

The standard exclusions may include factors beyond the control of the contracting parties.This civil unrest, acts of war, the impact of nuclear energy, corrosion, aging, decay, and if the construction and design errors occurred.

Be careful

not to be trapped and to insure the maximum benefit for themselves, above all, read all cases without exception, which are set out in the rules of insurance and are at

tached to each policy.

Insurers point out that the main reasons for defaults on insured event due to the fact that the loss suffered by the insured, or people who with the permission of the insured use his property.

Anyone who wants to be insured before signing the policy should read it carefully.The fact that the correct registration of the document depends on the fate of the possible payments.

insurance agent can make a mistake, for example, does not specify the term of the contract or not established insurance option, the misspelled the surname or the name of the client, incorrect address site security (renamed address horticultural society, and in the certificate of ownership changes are made).

sure to fill in the policy of all property owners who claim the payment, otherwise the insurance will get only those owners who were entered in the insurance policy.