In one black, a black house ... What can threaten the home?

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13 April 2016
heavy metals, dust, carbon monoxide, and radio-wave electromagnetic radiation, bacteria and mold ... It is believed that these dangers lie in wait for us in the streets of the cities where air pollution emissions from industrial wastes and exhaust gases, and overhead power lines hang kilometers.But it turns out, the new cabinet or wi-fi-router can cause our health is no less harmful than daily walks under electricity cables along the busy highway, but because in the office and at home you need to stay on the alert.
The fact that the effect on the environment in the home, how to identify the source of contamination and improve the atmosphere inside the home, environmental specialists tell readers FORUMHOUSE.
Hazardous Chemical
Even if you - happy owner of a house in the village, located away from busy highways and hazardous industries, it does not mean that the air in your home less polluted than in an apartment in downtown Moscow.To a greater extent on the ecology of housing and the chemical c
omposition of the air affect the internal pollutants.Even if the window created ideal conditions, the environment in the house can spoil, for example, a new wardrobe made of chipboard, releasing phenols.According to Alexander Kuksa, technical director of the independent environmental impact assessment "Testeko┬╗ , due to the installation of furniture in the room there was an unpleasant smell, which does not disappear even after a month, despite the ventilation is better to get rid of the purchase until it caused damage to your health.
For this reason, environmentalists are advised to carefully and be wary of synthetic adhesives used to glue wallpaper, linoleum or laminate.
Alexander Kuks, environmental experts :
- In my experience was an interesting case, when the company appeared sharp unpleasant smell after a bed on the floor linoleum Adhesive.Sam was a high-quality linoleum, but the adhesive has reacted with the paint, which has been previously painted floor, and began the selection of hazardous substances, which in principle should not be.
According Alexander Kuksa , in general, is difficult to say what materials should be avoided during the construction and decoration, as even a harmless concrete can be produced with violation of technology (in practice, the expert was the case when the factory of concrete products incorrectWe picked up a supplier of raw materials and finished products smelled ammonia).Therefore, an ecologist advises to purchase building materials to read reviews from other shoppers.And if the purchase is large enough, and there are doubts in the safety of the product, take the test specimens for examination.
Alexander Kuks :
- A good example of a responsible attitude in Moscow at the Ryazan Avenue made major repairs at home, trimmed its exterior heat and noise insulation.Residents have written to the prefecture requirement that the work was postponed and did not buy the material in order to check out a few suppliers and materials, and choose the best.Sinceoften provide thermal insulation materials for a strong gas evolution of phenol, and then it all flies in the house.Residents found the vendors bought them on one plate, passed on the analysis - it took only two weeks.And select the normal panel, which is not isolated phenols.It was one of the few renovated houses, where people did not complain in the morning to terrible headaches.
But if the sharp smell of phenol can often feel and identify the source, in the case of the heavy metals is more complicated - most of which has no odor.Therefore, buying a new home, just in case ask than fond of his former home.Not if they stockpiled automotive chemicals in the pantry, if not restored ancient icons of mercury?In one case, when, after buying an apartment on the balcony was found broken three-liter jar with a dangerous heavy metal.
You can also find information about the project at home and find out what materials and what version were used in its construction.
According Peter Ketova, environmental experts ANO "Centre for Ecological Expertise┬╗ , problems can arise not only when used in the construction and finishing of synthetic materials and rough handling chemicals.Thus, the expert recommends carefully relate to natural minerals - because of their possible increased radioactivity.
Peter Kets :
- Although naturally occurring materials that are used in everyday life, rarely have natural background radiation, to exclude such a possibility is not necessary.A well-known story of how a woman went to the hospital with symptoms of radiation exposure.It turned out that shortly before the victim in the kitchen doing repair and installed the monolithic granite countertops in the kitchen set.The radiation background on this tabletop exceed the maximum permissible level several times.
Unfortunately, reveal elevated levels of radiation without device-dosimeter, smell or color, you can not.
big problems from microorganisms
colonies of mold in the basement or bathroom - even a frequent guest in the homes of the owners-akkuratistov.Here are just a watered fungus bleach or gloss over the other chemistry is completely useless: disappearing for a short time, mold and settles back in the same place.
According Yastrebtseva Anton, director of the expert of "Ecology of living space┬╗ (EcoSpace LLC) , often associated with microbiological contamination favorable for the growth and reproduction of microorganisms conditions: leaking, cold walls, poor ventilation, an abundance of carpets.Therefore, the need to deal with the cause, not the consequence.In many homes the ventilation system operates only when there is influx from the window.Most homeowners have replaced the wooden windows with plastic, and in that room without ventilation hood stops working.
about how to properly arrange the ventilation in the house, we were told in the material.
Anton Yastrebtsev ecologist :
- in offices, in contrast to the houses, often applied a single ventilation system, so from time to time it is necessary to check contamination of ventilation ducts microorganisms: Staphylococcus aureus, Aspergillus, Legionella and,if found, to produce disinfection, to avoid trouble with health staff.During the microbiological examination experts in place sampled and tests themselves are carried out in the laboratory, usually it takes two weeks.
also advised environmentalists come with air-conditioning systems, and before the start of the season to spend their sanitization.Household and car air conditioners is also a concern.
In the style of electro
TV, iron, kettle, computer, microwave, and even a lot of different devices that surround us every day.And all these blessings of civilization often work at the same time creating a strong electromagnetic indoor pollution.
completely abandon the use of household appliances and gadgets environmentalists do not call.But it is recommended to follow the simple rules: to turn off unused devices currently, have a bed away from walls and appliances hidden wiring, use only permitted in premises equipment (including antennas, amplifiers for wi-fi).
Peter Kets :
- Some devices can provide electromagnetic interference, even through walls.Therefore put the cot through the wall from the TV, of course, not worth it.
Alexander Kuks :
- Many people do not think about what they are doing, leaving smartphone bedside or even steeper - hiding it under his pillow.Wi-fi - it is also electromagnetic waves, so it is not necessary to place the router near the workplace.We conducted an experiment with the selection of antennas to enhance wi-fi signal: In some embodiments, the level of self-made electromagnetic radiation is higher than the admissible norm in 30 (!) Times.
purchasing housing, experts advise to pay attention to the condition of wiring: check whether the wires are not heated, not whether the hum is heard at the distribution board, ask, do not burn any part of a bulb.It's may also adversely affect the electromagnetic environment.
Suppose your house is clean and safe and at the same time comfortable and cozy!And what material to choose for decoration with high humidity, read this material FORUMHOUSE.It is also suggested to look into this topic in our forum, where participants discuss FORUMHOUSE ecology of building materials.How to write a good scheme and carry out wiring, we are told here.