Caution is easier than cure: cleaning agents and skin protection

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11 April 2016

Every day, our hands are exposed to the adverse effects of external factors, microorganisms and aggressive chemicals.With the mud we are fighting with soap.From the sun, wind and cold protects the skin creams.But persistent pollutants and aggressive chemicals they - can not.But some of the many works carried out without gloves.Of course, you can use the proven folk remedies, and, for example, to clean the paint with acetone or gasoline.Yes, that's just what will happen to the skin, if you do it consistently?

on the impact of harmful factors, our skin reacts differently.At the initial stage it may be redness, dryness, desquamation.Then - Various skin diseases.The most common - dermatitis, eczema, drug reaction, folliculitis, hives and others.

The best way to prevent the occurrence of any skin problems - a regular skin care with the help of properly selected dermatological agents.The effectiveness of cleaning pastes, protective and regenerating cream RIZA® tested in a variety of climates - from Siberia

to the Krasnodar Territory.The main purpose of these dermatological agents - prevent skin ailments by reducing skin contact with hazardous substances, as well as to restore the protective function of the skin, often located in a stressful environment.


Barrier creams "RizaDerm" ® on the skin creates a thin, imperceptible breathable film.On the hand, treated with these compositions, less sticky mud.Therefore, these creams are known as "Liquid Glove".

protective layer prevents the penetration of contaminants and harmful components and facilitates cleansing of the skin at the end of work.The protective effect of the cream increases the antioxidant RonaCare® AP.Vitamins and essential oils that make up the cream to treat skin and moisturize her hands.

Protective effect lasts for four hours or more.The cream is quickly absorbed, it does not create a feeling of stickiness.Means suitable for sensitive and irritated skin, non-allergenic, it does not contain dyes, perfumes, and silicones.


Mass production of cosmetic scrubs began in Russia in the 90s.First scrubs were prepared from crushed natural materials (nut shells, eggs, etc.), sharp particles which traumatize the skin and do not always meet the requirements of sterility.

These deficiencies are deprived of scrubs (fine powder) based on synthetic materials.Thanks particles round shape plastic scrub effectively and gently removes dirt and dead cells.In addition, soft and elastic plastic particles massage the skin, restore its lost elasticity.

Cleansing paste RizaKlin® cleanse the skin from various types of pollution: foam, paints, oil, lime, sealants, oils, glue, ink, markers and stubborn dirt.The cream contains vegetable oils: cottonseed, olive, safflower, apricot pits.The tool does not dry and tightens the skin, has a pleasant citrus scent that eliminates odors contamination.

Cleansing Paste "RizaKlin® Optima.Cleaning "is designed to remove stubborn dirt."RizaKlin® Ultra.Cleaning "is used in trudnosmyvaemye pollution (nitro, varnishes, oils, resins).Cream "RizaKlin® Universal.Cleaning "is used, if there is no water - wipe with a cloth.Mild forms of pollution (earth, clay, dust, sweat, grease, graphite, etc.) Is purified via liquid soap "RizaKlin® Premium.Cleaning "with a pleasant scent and moisturizing effect.

Wash hair and body by using the cleansing gel "RizaKlin® Shower Comfort.Clean. "The tool improves skin and hair due to the complex of vitamins A, E and F. The structure includes biologically active plant extracts (mango, banana, ginkgo, ginseng, juniper, papaya) that nourish the skin and stimulate cell renewal, make the skin soft and the hair- silky.


regenerating cream for the face and hands "RizaVit» ® restore the skin after the negative impact of various substances.They prevent cracking and zagrubenie skin retain its health, improve the condition of nails.Creams containing vitamin complex.It is composed of vegetable oils and panthenol, which additionally care for the skin.

Professional Products RIZA® best to use the complex: Protective creams - before work, cleaning paste - to remove impurities, regenerating funds - to repair the skin after application.

not neglect taking care of your skin, and then work on a suburban area will only be a pleasure!

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