Cottagers hit.

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18 April 2016
in September was two years since the launch of the federal law on dacha amnesty.Jubilee was boring.The authorities acknowledged that "amnesty", which is to facilitate the gardeners life, failed.The citizens, alarmed by new efforts and exorbitant costs, in no hurry for absolution.Of the 40 million owners of summer cottages on the "simplified" formalized ownership of land and buildings is only one and a half million brave.Among them is the special correspondent of "Izvestia" Lyudmila Butuzova.

About 20 years ago I bought a plot with a bath house, and 4 to 5 in a fair distance from Moscow, in one of the regions of Central Russia.Legalization of this stuff eventually cost me two months and hassle 15 000, of which two thirds is spent on surveyors, and the rest - for every bribe clerks to "speed up" the process.And I got off easy.If the house was in the suburbs, the costs and ordeal should be multiplied at least three.Accomplish such a feat in the name of your favorite acres dare only the law-abiding.

Not painted

We in the gardening association "Volcano" and turned out to be such.The question is, what is our fault, for which the State amnesty pardons us, not even standing.Although this should have been sorted out.Since 1992, all the hands were certificates of land ownership with a painted on the back of the site plan with all the buildings.

By the way, 70% of Russian truckers are at the grayish paper issued under Boris Yeltsin.Fourteen years of their validity for some reason not been questioned: Lots standing on cadastral registration and tax authorities regularly collected from the owners of the land tax.We have, for example, it was 340 rubles per year.What else you need to recognize the rights of growers and register their property automatically?Prescribed by law "simplified procedure", we thought, this is what expected.And the state tax of 100 rubles - quite an adequate price for the minimum state works to give amnesty to the obvious.

klyunuv the bait, growers were shocked when it turned out that before the penny to pay legal costs, it is necessary to re-pass almost whole procedure of registration: invite a surveyor for measurement and surveying the site, to coordinate the border with neighbors to collect signatures and certificates.

For example, we in the "Vulcan" for services consists in redrawing the old plan to the new tracing, surveyors asked for 8,500 rubles from the site.This is godly.In Moscow surveying six hundredth costs from 20 000 to 50 000, depending on the prestige of the area and the appetites of land surveyors.

The fact is that all of the land management agencies in Russia - private.This business, which, of course, interested to derive maximum profit from their assigned pasture.It turns out that the dacha amnesty to the "customer base" 40 million people - a real gift to the commercial offices of the state, to the same and paid for by the population.

last summer after catching Putin's officials for the sluggish progress of dacha amnesty and over-inflated prices for land surveying, the Act was amended to allow like to do without this costly procedure if summer resident has at least some portion of its circuit.In practice, it is very difficult to take advantage of the amendment - the specialists do not recognize Rosnedvizhimost decorated in the old plans.Moreover, they are often without printing, without signatures, and that have been issued as non-existent organizations.In most cases, it is necessary to go to court and you never know what procrastination is over.

- If you get a cadastral plan with reservations that the information on the site are subject to change, it is even register their right to land, in the future there is a risk to amass a problem - warns lawyer of the company "Land lawyer" Yulia spondylitis.- For example, neighbors or local authorities may encroach on the boundaries of your tenure.The owner of "defective" plan more difficult to defend in court their case.Make a deal with the site - to sell or take a loan - is more complicated.Therefore, for the full protection of their land, it is desirable to conduct surveying.

short, anyway, embrace land managers still can not avoid.So those who have already splurged on surveying, do not because of this experience.And for those who hoped for amendments to the law, enjoy early - life is not facilitated any penny.Similarly, the rumors are not confirmed, and a reduction of prices for services in surveying, because of which the regional authorities have struggled for a year to land managers.In the Moscow region, for example, legislators have set a price limit for the boundary of one hundred - 450 rubles, but not more than 7,000 for the entire plot.Licences for land surveying work in the Moscow region have more than 100 companies and private entrepreneurs.For fun, "Izvestia" correspondent phoned almost half of them.Those wishing to go to the garden for a new measurement rates are not found.They say that the cost of these works several times more expensive.

same in the provinces.Sixty regions reported to the Kremlin for restoring "order" with the prices down but for some reason they did not.

Walking windows

- Do not like it, look for another company - said the rebellious cottagers our "Volcano" Visiting Land.- Or let your garden for 1,200 rubles remeasure the governor himself, if he is so kind.

in other companies prices were even steeper.But our "firmachi" himself not offended, add on to the basic tariff for surveying a thousand rubles each for registration forms, even a thousand for what came to us on Saturday, and another 500 rubles for the fact that to get a taxi.

Thirty people out of a hundred at once refused to pay, 12 pensioners have thrown their land a few years ago when a trip to the country has become more expensive bag of potatoes grown there, truckers twenty wisely decided not to rush to amnesty.Thus, the finish line in Rosregistration reached ten people, "Izvestia" correspondent among them.

But walk - not to enter.It was only at the third attempt, having stood in line to the office N 1 for five hours.Flour needed only to consultant glance at the documents, gave a receipt for payment of state duties "for the land."For receipt "property" here need to break again - already after will be registered rights to the land.For the answer to the question, why not amnesty in one bottle and the earth, and the house is sent to the State Duma:
"The law took the deputies to ask them."

Citizens who, apparently, there has been, from the study adviser flew on wings - with a blank application form to be photocopied in several copies and fill in for each object the villa property.Sitting in the hallway for photocopying lady churned profiles 20 pe per sheet, 500 agreed to fill it.Literacy filled themselves, on my knees, because the room, crowded by people, ten chairs and tables do not provide.Then things went a few stops to the bank to pay these unfortunate hundred rubles and flew back in the hope that will be able to hand over documents in one of the six windows of the office N 5, which employs only one window.

tariff "on all"

"Izvestia" correspondent decided to outwit all the next day came to 6 in the morning to be the first, but the trick did not work - were the most cunning to the coveted window to the night.It's better to give money to some clerk for the acceleration of the case than to arrange a hassle.But it turned out that the receptionists do not take the money, because the fight against corruption, but can be bribed, for example, a guard who for 500 rubles will queue to submit the documents, and after a couple of months without the hustle, "the simplified procedure", to obtain a certificate in the dachaproperty, however, have a thousand, handed all the same guard.

Moscow cottagers rely on such "fees" is not necessary.It was applied for the documents in the 7500-10 regpalatu intermediaries take 000.Give it and even say thank you.Not everyone can for the legalization of their acres to stand in line a week, every morning to come to the roll and rewrite the palm assigned number."Izvestia" correspondent tried to help your elderly neighbors to pass the registration is already prepared for the amnesty documents to the country - three days has gone the distance, and not breaking the half-way.It seems that administrative regulations, which are so proud heads FRS exists only in their imagination.It would be better not to tell tales about 45 minutes, which allegedly diverted to the reception of documents in one person, and arranged elementary - pre-record, as is done in some areas to the final chord dacha amnesty does not become a nightmare for Muscovites memorable.

- But then I'll stay out of work - honest mediator, told the reporter, Anna, for which all - bonanza.

Lady, of course, I'm sorry, but that amnesty and truckers were not warned that the government will turn to the mercy of these additional costs to feed entire armies of parasites.

not need dacha?Anyway pay!

- We levies and no - not without sadness admitted Polanski told the head of the village council of the Kursk region Alexander Sogachev - and still ignore the amnesty.On this occasion, the village council has no address.Here with questions as to free themselves from the burden of the holiday, come.Ask to take their land, and often just drop out.What to do with "beskhozom" - is unclear.

In the suburbs, the villa where the weaving of land for the price somewhere sharing it with kilometers of coastal land in Cyprus, this problem is, of course, not.In areas far away from Moscow, she literally has her eyes abandonment of tens of thousands of hectares of former orchards and gardens.

- The people here are mostly poor, pensioners, many have not the strength to handle his six hundred and hard to pay land tax, which comes with us to 600 rubles a year - says the deputy chairman of the Kursk gardening association "Cosmos" Sergey Vasnetsov.- Sale Cottage also requires considerable expenses - registration is the same.And why should go to considerable expense, if for the land with a house more than 20 000 do not give.And do not just quit - once you are the owner, the tax will still have to pay.Unfortunately, the law on dacha amnesty is not provided for voluntary withdrawal from the land to the state.

in the regions because of this whole tragedy played out.In Tyumen, for example, back in 1999, we ceased to exist 50 suburban cooperatives - the land was allocated to them supersaturated groundwater.But several thousand citizens continue to be registered owners of unusable parcels, pay an annual tribute to the tax inspection.In good of these poor fellows and it is necessary to grant amnesty in the first place, without any formality, and free, but the law is not provided.More than that - refusing to pay a penalty tax on the court.

And what, in fact, we expected when the state, always concern about how to fill the treasury, sent a look at truckers?They are in the country of 40 million.Where else runs a dairy herd, which can impose any taxes, and it would give them either for the sake of owning their own piece of land, or because of it, even become a burden, not going anywhere.

Palaces separately hut separately?

- The biggest drawback of the amnesty law, - the expert believes the Russian Association of gardeners Valery Nikulin - that he was not an ordinary cottagers unselfishly facilitates entry into the ranks of the owners.In words - is voluntary, but the underlying reason is obvious: the authorities want to better assess how to impose property tax.The rate may be substantially modified upward.To formalize their cottages this could be a big surprise.

against this threat all the past summer had rallied gardeners Bryansk region, inspired by local communists.Reached paradoxes: the head of the municipality, like a vested interest in the speedy legalization of citizens' rights to real estate, because it affects the supply of land and property taxes in his bloodless municipal budget, collecting signatures against the dacha amnesty.

- We are against egalitarianism "palaces and huts," - explained correspondent in Bezhitsk area.
According Bryansk Protestants, "hut" on six acres is not necessary to legalize all, and "palaces" vparit such taxes to the owners did not seem enough.

Interestingly, the first anniversary of the ministry dacha amnesty ripening similar legislative initiative under the working title "On regulation of garden and villa building."The matter does not end there - the officials doubt, what criteria determine the structure of modesty.After all, we have in Russia is so confusing: some soup forever empty, others small pearls.

President Dmitry Medvedev, are not indifferent to the dacha amnesty and promised to deal with the soup, and pearls.According to "Izvestia", the State Duma is now more than 200 amendments to the long-suffering law and about 50 draft-laws, simplifying the process of legalization of gardens.

So maybe someday life will turn for the better.The main thing is that the cottagers absolve the government intends to indefinitely.So, do your wallet amnesty we still have time ...