Law on Energy Saving

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17 April 2016

law provides for stricter requirements for facilities and devices in terms of their consumption of energy and economic incentives for the introduction of energy saving technologies.

Insulation ROCKWOOL As commented General Director of the Russian branch of the company ROCKWOOL Nick Vince, the easiest way to save energy - the construction of energy efficient buildings, the cost of 90% less energy than conventional buildings.To achieve such a measure should be used in new construction or renovation of the thermal insulation of increased thickness (300-500 mm), double-glazed windows with low thermal conductivity, controlled ventilation, maximum amounts of solar energy.

Under the bill, which is scheduled to take before the end of this year, commissioning of facilities with energy efficiency ratio below the level proposed ban.Since users are already constructed buildings will be charged fees.For the avoidance of making such payments or filing a declaration with the data on energy consumption is set administrative liability.

For legal entities and individual entrepreneurs, developing and implementing energy-saving technologies, provided budgetary subsidies.Priority subsidy mechanism will be applied for projects savings of natural gas, electricity and heat.In order to reduce energy consumption in the private sector it is planned to provide targeted support for the purchase of energy-efficient devices.

Insulation ROCKWOOL bill overlaps with the European Directive 2002/91 / EC.She also called the EPBD.The Directive has helped to significantly improve energy efficiency and reduce the dependence of European countries on imports of oil and gas.On the basis of the EPBD in the EU introduced rules that promote energy efficiency newly constructed and existing buildings.In particular, according to the amount of energy consumption at home is divided into several classes.When you receive a low standard of marking the owner can not sell the building or rent it pays a higher tax rate to improve its performance.

draft law "On energy saving and energy efficiency" was developed pursuant to Decree of the President of the Russian Federation on June 4, 2008 "On some measures to improve energy and environmental efficiency of the Russian economy."In accordance with the Decree of 2020 energy intensity of gross domestic product of the Russian Federation should be reduced by 40% compared with the current year.

New Federal Law "On energy saving and energy efficiency" will make a difference in a number of federal laws and cancel the effect of more than a decade of the Federal Law "On energy saving".