Environmental assessment of land

By Admin | Legal Issues
16 April 2016

When selling or buying land one of the main factors determining the price will be the environment.Let's understand what we can expect if we do not spend the environmental assessment.

What research is carried out in the environmental assessment?

If you want to know the present status of ekologiskoe site that you want to buy, you have to keep track of all the owners of the land at the fifty years or so ago.

During comprehensive research ecologists are studying the effects of noise, taking samples of soil and air, determine the background radiation and the effects of electromagnetic fields on humans.

begin with the study of soil

Environmental assessment First of all, you need to know what was here before you.Then you need to take a sample of soil.For example, there was a collective farm, which was engaged in animal husbandry, which means that may be near cattle cemetery.If a military unit was located, it is possible to land filthy with oil and gasoline.

And here's another example.Businessman looked after themselves bea

utiful land for the construction of the village.But before you buy it, I decided to check just in case the soil.It turned out that it is contaminated with asbestos.And when they decided to dig a little deeper, we found dumping of asbestos - is very harmful to human health substances.

As for air, then we all know that first of all, it contaminate untreated industrial emissions and transport, and so you need them to stay away and not in any way prevent them from building in your neighborhood.
measures and background radiation, physical fields in the places, where the power lines, radars worry people.In all of this you need to understand, then to rest easy and not worry about the environment.

noise level should be checked, too.Noises are day and evening.In the afternoon, as a rule, we do not pay attention to them.And when night comes, we are ready to break anyone disturb our sleep.And it may be the plant, railway or bouncy track with poor coverage.
As an example, let's say that the airports Domodedovo and Sheremetyevo in the near future to build additional runways, and the noise level in the county grow.The question arises: is it worth it to build a house, if your site will border on the airfield?

surrounding area

very strong influence on the price of land have a nearby water areas and forests.

before buying land near water, you must know, he gets into the water protection zone, or a zone of protection of drinking water.If so, it is 100 meters from the coast you will not be able to build anything.

And in the woods next to your cottage can hide dumps that are poisoning not only nature, but also your health.And if you want to remove them, it will cost you the price of the plot.

How to choose a site

In principle, if a detailed analysis of each plot, it turns out that the land is not environmentally perfect.And when they say that the cleanest, ecologically, western lands, it is not quite true.Because nice and clean place in environmental terms can be found in any district of Moscow region.Home

an environmental assessment prior to purchase.And if the place is very attracted to you, then you need to immediately determine, you will be able to solve their own problems, for example, with the transfer of the landfill, soil rehabilitation, etc.And if problems arose after purchase - built enterprise and poison the air and soil, then do the necessary tests and apply to the court.

cost examination

can conduct a comprehensive examination or separately investigate the soil and water.Cost of services is:
simple analysis will cost 1000 rubles;
Complex - 7-10 thousand;
Complex research on 10tysyach rubles, depending on the territory;
Environmental impact assessment of the land and the cottage will cost 20-40 thousand rubles.