Untouchable weave

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15 April 2016
& lt; p & gt; If your intention is to create on its site a cozy sitting area, it is an indispensable decoration it should be & lt; a href = "/ page-id-2677.html" & gt; romantic gazebo & lt; / a & gt ;.Built himself a nice gazebo in the original "hat", you will see what it will give a unique charm to your garden.& Lt; / p & gt;
& lt; p & gt; & lt; img title = "romantic gazebo" height = "259" alt = "Romantic gazebo" hspace = "80" src = "/ datas / images / VeraShah / besedka-1.jpg" width = "500"align =" absMiddle "vspace =" 10 "border =" 0 "style =" WIDTH: 500px; HEIGHT: 259px "/ & gt; & lt; / p & gt;
& lt; p & gt; Construction technology gazebo - including the traditional choice of location, base unit, making individual elements of the construction, and finally assembly of the arbor.& Lt; / p & gt;
& lt; p & gt; Once you have selected a cozy shady place in the garden - it's time to get to work.First, you need to align the pad under the base - this is done, starting from the highest point.The soil should be
cleaned until the until a flat area.As it supports useful small concrete blocks, which are used for paving.The correctness of their installation is necessary to align with the level.& Lt; / p & gt;
& lt; p & gt; the most critical element of the design is the base frame.All its parts before assembly must be carefully adjusted to each other.Wooden parts should be treated with an antiseptic.Once the frame is securely fastened, install flooring, attaching boards to the joists base galvanized screws.Then the whole structure again checked using the level and if necessary customize.
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& lt; br / & gt; After installing base can move on.To do this, a number of preparatory work.It will be necessary: ​​to cut the size of parts, handle the surface planes, and then assemble racks and billboards decorative grilles.The main part of the support structure is stable and arbor rafters.As rafters can use simple planed bars section 50x100 mm, cut to size.& Lt; / p & gt;
& lt; p & gt; Production of racks requires some explanation.Each rack has the shape of a trapezoid, is a cross-sectional - prefabricated two planed angled side plates and beams section 50x100 mm between them.National stands greatly simplify mounting technology design.The technology of their production is also justified, as these connections are secure and easy to do.& Lt; / p & gt;
& lt; p & gt; Initially, in the manufacture of racks, one need not permanently bonding one side of the pad with the central beam.In further vertical stud members, uncontracted still integrally allow to collect all the wall panels in a horizontal position on the ground.After this need only install the assembled panel into place and fasten together the elements of large racks galvanized screws.& Lt; / p & gt;
& lt; p & gt; The supporting structure of the roof consists of rafters and the octagonal central rod.The easiest way of installation - assembling on the ground the main part of the frame, consisting of a central core and two pairs of rafters.After that, the assembled structure is necessary to lift up and fasten components bolted.To the roof is not turned lopsided necessary that overhangs the rafters the same length.Then turn left set rafters.Crowning the roof of the dome, it is also advisable to assemble on the ground, and a ready set in place.
& lt; br / & gt; very beautiful roof of boards, stuffed overlap.The joints between the boards, carefully sealed, and then beat them on top trims chamfered.
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& lt; br / & gt; At least collect lower guard.For this alternate strips inserted into the grooves between the bars.The bottom structure finally fixed skirting that is nailed to the floor foundation. & Lt; / p & gt;
& lt; p & gt; After assembly of all surfaces must be thoroughly arbor protection from atmospheric moisture.To do this, first you need to use antiseptic impregnation, and then water-resistant enamel or lacquer.
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