Restrictions on home construction

By Admin | Legal Issues
15 April 2016

guess everyone wants to build his own house.In my head already, "stand" plans, supervision, and may already be, and purchased a wonderful site, reviewed prospects for the construction category.You are to be congratulated, work has already begun!Stop, though we will not get ahead of ourselves.The first thing to stay in a good mood, it is necessary to clarify and allowed to build on this territory?

Individual buildings can be built, unfortunately not everywhere.Do you want to save money, time and nerves - you need to know about the existing restrictions on development.We purchased the land and planning permission can not get, or else built, and the authorities decided to demolish.

Let's just say - the whole area (if there are any restrictions) is divided into two types: prohibited any construction and other buildings, while another, resolved in strict compliance with all rules and requirements.

Area where restricted or prohibited the construction of houses

  1. strip at the edge of the water (shorel
    ine).Water - meant the river, lake or other body of water.If we consider the standards, the width of twenty meters.This plot of land is prohibited any construction, moreover, such a plot may not rent and privatize.As established by law, everyone should have free access to the reservoirs for recreation.
  2. Riverside from 20 to 130 meters (the exact amount determined by local authorities).Just as in the first case, banned all types of buildings, but has the right to take the land in rent.(Permitted small outbuildings, as permitted under the land use garden)
  3. zone of sanitary protection of the water source, suitable for water supply (by an average of at least 100 meters).This area is set by taking into account natural conditions.Prohibited any type of buildings.
  4. Sanitary area of ​​roads and railways.Accounting Zone defines the category and type of road.The average size of the restricted area under the construction of 25 to 500 meters.
  5. Sanitary and industrial zones (treatment facilities, cemeteries, gas stations, gas pipelines, power plants) The area is determined from 100 to 2000 meters.
  6. cultural heritage.The territory of the protected area of ​​any structures determined individually and examines each individual case.
  7. Water Protection Zone.The construction of private buildings is allowed.Under stringent conditions, and environmental health services and relevant permits, rules and regulations (obligatory connect individual homes to water and sanitation
    ) Dimensions are determined individually and depend on the characteristics of the reservoir - from 50 to 500 meters.
  8. protected areas.These areas include lands of national parks, nature reserves, therapeutic boarding houses and resorts.Buildings permitted provided that the special legal documentation taking into account the established regime.

This list is not complete, here are placed are often found standards to be strictly carried out at the construction of individual houses.The precise addition and change some points, the place where you purchased the territory granted.