How to make a safe deal when buying a home?

By Admin | Legal Issues
14 April 2016

often hear as a victim of real estate fraud are justified by the fact that the house bought on the advice of friends, put on a notarized power of attorney or a trusted seller - "relative best friends."The arguments are very different, but most unpleasant situation is due to ignorance of the law or neglect of simple rules of safety.So, what to look out for to avoid fraud?

Rule one: do not trust, but verify!

purchasing suburban housing, buyers often forget to check the accuracy of registration and registration documents, which makes the seller.The buyer can not pay attention to the fact that the seller owns the property rights for life inherited gift, but is not its owner.This property can not be dispose of in the future, for example, to sell.Maybe he is not registered and the contract of sale of the house or plot.

also fraudsters can sell the house and suburban areas of fake power of attorney.This document should always be checked for authenticity by a notary.Also it is necessary to ensure the reali

ty of the existence of the principal.To do this you need to talk privately with that person to find out whether he really gave power of attorney, and why it was done.

Do not rely on "honesty" and "situating kind of" seller!Whatever the recommendation of friends, carefully check the documents of the house and land!

Rule two: the necessary documents

Documents confirming the ownership of the house (of title).Check with a certificate of state registration of ownership of the property.If the house was built by the seller, you want to view the act of commission is given for completion of construction projects in operation.Note the presence of the documents confirming the right of ownership, which has arisen as a result of special circumstances (barter, donation, sale, certificate of inheritance, on the state registration of rights).

Documents of title to land.Note whether issued land and whether it is owned by the seller.This fact is confirmed by the following documents: a contract of sale or gift, a certificate of inheritance, on the state registration of property rights.Check the documents obtained during the privatization of land (decree by the head of administration for land ownership, certificate of ownership).

Extract from the house register of the persons registered in buying a house, we need, if the structure is suitable for permanent residence.Even if the buyer does not plan to register the premises, this document will become clear if he does not buy the property already registered in her people.

Technical passport of homeownership.This single document includes: plan of the land, the explication of its area, a description of facilities and buildings, purpose, technical condition and value of the house.A document issued by the city or regional BTI based on the location of the property must be properly authenticated, that is, have the stamp of the office.

Datasheet with floor plan of the structure, which is located at the site.

Cadastral plan of the land plot - issued by the District Department of Real Estate and contains information about the legal owner, land category, their size, the value of permitted use plan for the border area.

Real Estate Agency, formalizing the purchase of a house or land, must conduct due diligence of documents confirming the ownership of the seller on the object.At the same time it turns out the circumstances under which the house or land was bought by the seller and whether them any debt, encumbrances, prohibitions, arrests.