Savings trusts you: please, pay less!

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13 April 2016

largest bank in the country once again goes against the market: the end of summer, buyers of apartments in new buildings all get from him the best conditions and the most simple scheme of calculation and execution of the loan.

Many banks now complain that the market is "forcing" them to raise mortgage rates.Others do not say anything, but introduced additional conditions and commissions - that is, in fact, doing the same thing.Sberbank is the second year keeps unchanged low interest rates on mortgage loans, and now also extends preferential program to all customers without exception.

program "Mortgage with state support" existed in Sberbank before, on her predostavlyalic preferential rates, but the object of purchase and the borrower had to meet a number of additional conditions.Now everything has changed: in the presence of an initial payment of 20% of any buyer or new housing under construction gets more comfortable conditions and rates.

All you need - is to the seller under construction or ready-

made housing a legal entity.If the house is still under construction, the title to the registration rate will be 12% per annum, that is already on the bottom border of most market offerings.After completion of construction and property registration rate is automatically reduced at 11%.This credit can be issued to a whole record by Russian standards, the term - 30 years.According to specialists of the Savings Bank, compared with the most common winning customer proposals in the lending rate will amount to 3.25% per annum in rubles.

If the borrower already has one private apartment, a loan on the other it can get without any initial entry fee.Need a house for grown children or, conversely, for elderly parents?There is a desire simply to get something more reliable for old age?Do not be put off by the desire "on the shelf" - a loan will be granted on the same favorable terms.The basic rule of Sberbank - the customer pays as much as promised, no additional fees or commissions!

As for other programs of the Savings Bank of comfort, their customers also rely privileges.For example, if a house is built with the participation of credit funds of the Savings Bank, then to design for such an apartment does not require a guarantor.This benefit is extended if the house is ready at least 70%, or just accredited by the Savings Bank, the guarantor is also not required.To obtain this information, just go to the site of the Savings Bank, and the list of companies to find a partner developer.

Of course, the best (according to experts Savings Bank) offers on the market there are some limitations - the bank has to be mindful of their social function.Therefore, these conditions are only available to customers with respect to low-cost apartments in Moscow, Moscow region and St. Petersburg the maximum loan amount is 8 million. Rubles, in other regions - 3 million. Rubles.

Other conditions are also primarily focused on protecting the most important social categories.The house is not yet ready, we have to live somewhere, so it is difficult to pay the mortgage?At the time of construction of the house Sberbank provides additional two-year delay in the payment of principal - you can pay only the interest.

born child?The delay of a further three years.Born the second?Maternity Capital can be sent to pay off the mortgage, and payment will be reduced significantly.With a loan better hurry - the program is only valid until the end of August.All good things must get better soon, especially if it goes to a good comfortable and inexpensive.Please, pay less!

OJSC "Sberbank of Russia".General license of the Bank of Russia №1481 from 30.08.2010.

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