How to cheat the builders, or the secrets of drawing up estimates of the cheap?

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13 April 2016

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unscrupulous builders The main purpose: to expose the client cheap estimates and to conclude a contract with him a contract.According to the principle - "vvyazhemsya into battle, and there - will understand."Each year, the tricks of the builders come across hundreds of clients.The financial damage which they applied - enormous.Therefore, there is a perception that the estimate is not cool, will grow ever since the signing of the contract until the end of construction.Indeed, getting on some tricks of builders, construction costs may rise to 30-45%!

This article will give you the knowledge of what to do to prevent cheating and break the myth that the estimate always increases during construction.To get started, you need to understand and remember the following - any work or material has its market price.And in order to get building material and construction services - you need to pay for it.Magic in the construction, as in life, does not happen - no one is eager to giv

e you a free building materials or to produce construction.May be free of charge services to help the client to choose a potential developer.For example, "The project house - free" or "free estimates for 1 day" - and this does not necessarily immediately rush out and buy the project - enough to send me a link to a site where you liked the project, and evaluate investment opportunities.

Dodge builders:

1. Removal of estimates of construction works

mainly customers who plan to build a country house, have a superficial knowledge of the construction and perceive the house as a finished product.For example, a refrigerator, which can be found in the supermarket, to consult with the sellers of the store, find out all the interesting features and then buy it from the online store cheaper by 5-10%.The same scheme often clients are trying to use in the construction of the cottage.On the Internet, they are ready to house design and individual orders.Then, choose a company that offer price will be cheaper.It seems all right, but the house - it's not the finished product that the customer liked on the site.This is a complex process, with specific construction and installation works and materials by removing some of them, the customer receives a cottage as in the picture and not be able to build it for the amount by which expected.Therefore carefully study the estimates before making the right decision, and pay attention to the presence in it of all the construction and building materials.

The estimate for the construction of "box" home should be taken into account the following main activities : Crushed stone and sand preparation, construction of foundations, load-bearing walls of all floors, floors, installation of ventilation ducts, chimneys, roof system and "roofing pie".In addition, the estimates should be considered: the delivery of construction materials, work equipment, consumables and rigging.And remember the small jobs - inexpensive in themselves, but in combination with other works can significantly increase the cost of construction.They must be spelled out in the contract agreement and agreed with you.Currently, there are unique free service that can help to assess the pre-construction costs and to simplify the task of comparison of estimates and the identification of incorrect sentences - "Free Analysis estimates" and Ā«ON-line construction calculatorĀ»

2. Reducing the volume of materials

Reduction - another common way of cheating.Iethe estimates indicate the construction of the wall, instead of 85m3 and 115m3, etc., as indicated in the contract a clause stating that the real volume of construction materials are calculated upon after completion.IeYou will eventually put additional estimates for work and materials are not taken into account when signing the contract.And everything seems to be right: the price per unit of work and materials aligned paragraph in the contract for payment of unreported work and materials available, - have an actual amounts for which you pay.It is called - "work in the open estimate."If builders say that to accurately calculate the amount of work is not possible - then you try to cheat.

How do

  • must select 5-6 construction companies
  • send them a request for payment of the project
  • Do not choose the cheapest estimate - carefully study
  • Collect detailed and detailed estimate based on work equipment, delivery of materials, etc.- And they need to compare
  • difference between the estimates of volumes between the same building materials must be not more than 5%.If the above - hence the proposal to reduce the volume.Professional builder in its estimates should take into account the cost overruns of building materials (scrap, fight)
  • Explore Treaty, drawing attention to paragraphs of liability and guarantees on the part of the Contractor
  • choose the construction company, which operates on a closed estimate, iefixes the total cost of construction to completion.

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