Legal issues and stages of technological connection to power grids

By Admin | Legal Issues
12 April 2016

Electrification is perhaps one of the most important, after the device access roads, conditions for a comfortable arrangement and construction in the area and, in particular, for permanent residence in the country.That's why one of the primary, but not the easiest, or tasks to Truckers villager becomes to achieve technical connection power of 15 kW, for which he has every right, according to the Government of the Russian Federation.

Before you start studying regulations on grid connection and begin active communication with the network organizations of your region, to be well acquainted with the terms and definitions in existing regulations.

theme "FAQ - PP 334. Collection of documents" will tell you how to fill out an application to the regional grid organizations (CO), what is the required list of documents accompanying the application and how to properly conduct an initial contact with the power company.

As a rule, rarely found perfect from a legal point of view, the Treaty and TU received af

ter our conversion to CO.Sometimes we do and do not answer the filed application within the period allotted by law.Subject "FAQ - On PP334. Motivated refusal" tell us how to act in these cases.

But we have taken steps outlined above - it is not the end of history.And contracts with the network organizations, usually means one thing, that we are still only half way.Our actions and reactions to possible complications to connect to discuss the theme "PP and interaction with Energosbyt".

your communication with the network organizations do not give a positive result?Sometimes, the only right decision remains appeal to the Federal Antimonopoly Service.Subject "FAQ - PP334. Interaction with FAS" will help you write a good letter and plan communication with FAS to obtain successful results for you.

In the context of discussions to combat illegal requirements and operation of the network of organizations interested in the topic will be "FAQ - The decisions of state. Bodies (FAS, AU and so on.) For grid connection"

Over time, many gardeners are moving from city apartments to permanentresidence in their country houses.Development and possibilities of different techniques to ensure a comfortable life in their own home permit.But the question arises: "And you pull this load allocated to each section of electric power?"

And then members of the forum will help us to experience that they actively share in their topics.For example, ariand in "Attaching the power of 15 kW in a separate SNT gardener" and "Get the book and sales separate grower."

"How I got my 15 kW" - a detailed report with the incremental actions and images of documents from forumchanin alexthesage.

If you have the time and desire to learn more about the experience of members of the forum and their activities in different, sometimes not simple situations that arise at all stages of the process of joining, if you want to ask a question, look, though in a very three-dimensionalbut interesting and useful theme "Practice connections PP334"