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11 April 2016

Property insurance

house, sauna or even a small house-built cabins finally ended the summer vacation season, our cottages were empty, staying for a long period of winter unattended.There comes a time to think about what to put into the embodiment of our dreams of power and material resources are not wasted because of someone's negligence, accident, or under pressure from intruders.

"Making insurance contract holiday home" - in this topic you will find answers to the questions of what we must first pay attention to when drawing up the contract of insurance.What are the insurance that is a franchise, which unlike conditional on the unconditional deductible.How profitable to conclude an agreement that when the insured event, your expectations from the insurance fully paid off.

If you do not have time to finish building a house, you should not delay insurance unfinished until the next construction season and recording structure.The theme of "unfinished Insurance House in the CHT: Our experience" will

tell you how to properly execute the contract of insurance.

to Muscovites and residents of suburbs, we recommend paying attention to useful and interesting for their topic of choice of insurance company "Insurance Company to insure the house and bath house in the suburbs."

housing and communal services

Winter - time long and cold nights, the Christmas holidays, when a sharp increase in consumption of electricity, gas and hot water.As a rule, this period coincides with the annual increase in utility tariffs. "How to reduce the cost of utility payments" - in this topic we have discussed the use of our apartments and homes energy-saving technologies, water meters and multi-tariff electricity meters.And to top it all, we got a lesson in how to save wisely.

"CONCLUSION THAT on water meters", "Counter water flow", "Recalculation for hot water" - topics that will help understand the selection, use and offers savings on unnecessary maintenance services of water meters.And how to make sure that does not pay for the cold water going from hot tap water.

Property taxes

Nearing the end of the year.Soon we will start to receive tax notices on property tax.And it is desirable to be prepared and armed with the knowledge of the laws and their rights to it are not always pleasant, but the inevitable visit to the tax inspectorate.

What is the procedure of payment of land tax?What are the features of the taxation in the CHT and for individual housing construction?For what we pay, and on what basis the tax is charged topics discussed in the forum: "Real Estate Tax" and "Deductions for personal income tax, individual housing and DNP."

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