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10 April 2016

Then questions arise: what features when buying a property you need to pay attention to?How to avoid a situation where the acquisition of the site can be left without the promised piece of land with a lovely house, and no money?Is there a bank program, which will help us with a shortage of funds?

So, the decision is made, the selected area, you are ready to buy.There is a desire, there are funds for land acquisition.But what sequence of actions when buying land ?

Very often when purchasing real estate, we are faced with the sellers (the trustees), acting on the basis of a notary's general power of attorney from the owner.How to avoid fraud in the transaction?What documents must provide the seller, we discussed the topic "Buying land in trust from the seller."

Lately quite common real estate transactions related to the purchase or redemption of the leased land.Topic "The procedure of buying land from the lease," we respond to many emerging questions on this topic.

But we must not forget that th

ere are still relatively free acquisition of land for building lots.On our forum you can find the answer who and under what conditions has the right "to stand on all" for "free land from the government."

important point that you need to look for when buying land - is its border.How to define the boundaries of the purchased land.What is a "removal site boundaries in nature" and what does it do to tell you the forum topic " boundaries of the site"

The need to buy plots of land survey or land owned by often standing in front of the owner and the purchaser.With the arguments of lawyers and realtors on the subject, you can explore the topic "Do I need to do surveying the site?"

old garden plots over time tended to increase, thanks to a gradual self- capture public areas.And now, when buying land you encounter a mismatch of the actual size of the site and documented certified.How and in what amounts might legitimize "slaughtered" weave the topic discussed in "Surveying"

not always our capabilities in line with our wishes.And then the question arises where to get the missing funds.

a 'list of banks offering loans for the construction of the house "and impressions of our members of the forum on the receipt and repayment of loans, you can meet in this topic and the themes" mortgage to build a house, "" mortgage loan to build a house. "

Is there a grain of truth in the mortgage loan.Is it worth it to take on such obligations to the state?With arguments on this issue, you can meet in the topic "Mortgage - Pros and Cons"

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