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09 April 2016

At registration of insurance, we are often confronted with unclear or controversial.You can deal with them with the help of experts of the insurance company.But is that something we forgot or did not think to ask, but it was important.Only one conclusion - before concluding the insurance contract must be "savvy".Help us in this insurance professionals.

What can be insured?

Consultant forumhouse.ru lastohka notes that "to insure absolutely everything on site, though a fence with lampposts."And yet, for insurance :), list what:

  • any structure (house, gazebo, farm building, garage, steam rooms, greenhouses);
  • interior furnishing: cover the ceiling, walls, floors, walls, doors, windows;

- to the insurance concept of "home interior" decided to attribute everything that you can touch, but can not budge.In this article the policy can be written and fitted kitchen with appliances, fitted wardrobes ...

  • engineering and sanitary equipment (ventilation, drainage, water supply, alarm syst
    em, video surveillance, antenna, etc..);
  • personal property (appliances, furniture, tableware, home furnishings, as well as sports equipment, ATVs, snowmobiles, etc.)

all movable contents of the house is estimated in general.This amount is taken into account when calculating the cost of insurance.

  • objects of landscape design, small architectural forms;
  • civil liability to third parties using the residential and non-residential buildings on the site (if you are someone accidentally damaged).

it possible to insure a house under construction?

Eugene Boldovskogo specialist insurance company TIT:

- In practice, insure this: the house itself (box) when it is left to stand up to regular performances of windows, roofs, doors, etc.The second step insure a finished house, after he "defended" and it installed the roof, put the windows and doors.Next, the interior trim and equipment in the house.


- ┬źresponsibility" can be both during construction and in the whole year.The tariff will "dance" to the degree of complexity of the work.Fact - old or new communication plays an important role.Just like that, they hire someone for the job.The professional team of officially registered construction firms increases the chances not to overpay for insurance.Due to questionable workers respectable insurer may refuse to sign the treaty.

How to determine the price of the object of insurance?

sum insured (value of the property) determines the employee of the insurance company (the underwriter of property), then it agrees with you.If there is a contract with the developer, the documents that confirm the cost of building materials, etc., the amount determined by him.Otherwise, an employee of the insurance company inspects the facility and then calculates its value on their own or based on customer application form.

Usually when insuring expensive objects leaving the employee is required.No inspection insured cheap objects with a market value of 1.2 mln. Rubles.

On what lines and on what to insure?

traditional country buildings are insured against fire and water damage (eg pipeline rupture), natural disasters, illegal actions of third parties (theft and damage, for example, the front door).You can insure against vehicle collision, falling any objects (flying, trees, power lines).

There are a number of risks, from which you do not insure .This includes damage to or destruction of the home or property as a result of natural processes of aging, corrosion, fermentation, putrefaction and others.It does not cover damage resulting from military actions, strikes and other civil unrest, the impact of nuclear energy, confiscation by the authorities.

probability of occurrence of the insured event to determine the risk depends on the season.For example, in the summer - it fires in the spring - hurricanes, winter - stolen, the consequences of drifts, etc.Therefore, we can insure the property for the season, assessing the probability of risks and their character.However, it can hardly be called a cost-effective solution.Firstly, the cost of insurance for less than a year more expensive, and, secondly, would be a shame to get anything, once in the winter on the ashes.

What determines the cost of the insurance policy and what can you save?

Hodeeva Tatiana, Head of property insurance of individuals of "Alfa Insurance┬╗ notes that the cost of the policy depends on a set of risks, restrictions on insurance coverage, the characteristics of the building (from combustible materials or not).Are taken into account and the factors that increase or decrease in the risk: presence or absence of alarm (fire, burglar), dangerous objects nearby earthquake-prone area, repairs, rental and other.

Tatiana Hodeeva:

- The cost of the insurance policy may depend on the set of sums insured and limits of liability of the insurer for various risks or elements, or, in general, in the structure.To optimize the cost of insurance, the client needs to determine the relevance to his country-house risks.You can reduce the cost and due to non-inclusion in the policy of different conditions (filling for insurance coverage or deductibles).

Which package to choose?

There are two standard packages: the traditional and the "box".The first involves a mandatory inspection of the property and the existence of certain documents.In this case, insurers make up a detailed inventory of the property.Such a package that may include additional risks to form an individual insurance program, ideal for elite cottages.

For low-cost buildings, located in the garden associations, usually choose packaged offer.This standard insurance program with the most popular set of risks.They provide several options for cost and size of the sum insured.

How to choose an insurer?

today to insure a suburban real estate at any insurance company.However, not everyone can be trusted.

Tatiana Hodeeva recommends that when choosing an insurer to consider not only the price and the variety of insurance products, and the company's reputation:

- That it guarantees payment under the policy when the insured event.It is better to prefer large companies, long-established in the market of property insurance.

Eugene Boldovskogo advises to pay attention to the rating of the company that it was not lower than A +:

- But the main advertising company - is the way it makes payments.Read reviews, ask friends if they have encountered to obtain a refund at any of the company and what their impressions.Not necessarily in property insurance, and can motor insurance, health insurance, etc.

What to look for in the study of the insurance contract?

Lastohka advises to pay attention to the presence in the contract of mandatory information: the validity of the document, the amount of insurance coverage (insurance amount), the premium of the insurer, the deductible.The latter is needed to reduce the cost of the insurance policy:

- In most cases it is better to leave outside the scope of the proposed compensation of the amount for which you will not become to collect numerous certificates and documents, the franchise allows you to not waste time.

Eugene Boldovskogo recommended to pay attention to whether there is the concept of the contract of insurance and the cost of the insurance sum:

- If the contract other than the insured amount, the insurance value of the object is registered insurance, upon the occurrence of the damage you receive paymentnot all, but in the ratio of the insured value of the sum insured.

How do I get paid?

In the insurance case will necessarily be an examination.Estimator (the emergency commissioner of the insurance company) to assess the damage.

If you do not agree with the opinion of the expert of the insurance company, you can contact an independent examination.

for damages must be presented to the insurance company a certain set of documents.Typically, this property deeds and documents that confirm the insured event (a certificate from police, emergency, meteorological).

Tatiana Hodeeva advises sure to read the rules in the insurance contract, as they have each insurance company - its.They should be written documents that you will need to submit for reimbursement.

In some cases, you will be denied a payment .For example, if the force of the wind, which crippled the country real estate was lower than the one specified in the contract.Pay attention to the fact that some companies insure home from burglary.If, say, you stole the key, and then easily robbed the house, count on the compensation in this case is not necessary.

Carefully read the insurance contract!Try to consider it all the events and circumstances that may harm your property!In particular, the conditions under which the insurer is obliged to pay damages, or you can refuse to pay.

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