How to connect the gas to the house?

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09 April 2016

FORUMHOUSE users are already familiar with the article, which talks about the choice of heating systems and water country house.Therefore, our readers are well aware that at the moment, natural gas is one of the most cost-effective fuels.A boiler that runs on gas, characterized by the highest level of automation, which provides comfortable accommodation in a country house.

In this article we will talk about how to connect to the gas pipeline.You will learn:

  • What changes are associated with the procedure of connection of gas, occurred in March 2014.
  • As defined group of consumers.
  • How to calculate the estimated flow rate.
  • What is the sequence of actions on gasification of a private home.
  • What documents need to gather to connect gas.

changes related to the procedure of the gas supply

Despite the benefits to be gained from putting gas in the house, the main obstacle on the way to the "blue fuel" - is the high cost of its connection.Depending on the region, the price of connection can be up

to 500 thousand. Rubles, and larger amounts.In addition, many new developers just do not know how to begin the process of gasification of the cottage.

Therefore, first of all, you must become familiar with the new rules on connecting the gas to private homes.

deputy head of technological connection and services of SUE "MOSOBLGAZ" Victoria Grebennik:

- On March 1, 2014, entered into force on Government Resolution № 1314. One of the key changes was that the performer of allworks on grid connection associated with the gasification of any objects, it is now a gas distribution Organization (GRO).

Previously developers have their own to deal with all the activities on connecting gas from obtaining specifications to harmonize the passage of the pipeline through the lands of different owners and registration of all relationships.Now, all the issues related to the accession to the gas network to the borders of land claimants hesitant GRO.That is, if the user wants to connect the gas, it becomes Gorgaz, the regional gas companies.Leases where all the necessary documents and enters into a contract for connection to the gas network, which identifies the work carried GRO gasification facility, the amount for the services provided and the time of performance.Contractor under this contract is GRO.

Today's order differs from the previously existed primarily to the fact that the technical conditions under which it is possible to carry out the design and construction ceased to exist as a separate document.They exist as part of the application to the contract on connection.Those technical specifications which might get in the 14-day period are preliminary and only speak about the possibility of gasification;nor build any project in their framework should not be.

This request is sent to the preliminary specifications IAG is mandatory only for those consumers whose MCHRG (maximum hourly consumption of gas) is more than 300 cubic meters / h.

The main issue of concern to the applicants at the stage of deciding on its gasification homeownership - the cost of connection.The cost of the process connection is determined on the basis of those measures to be undertaken for the gasification facility.For convenience, these activities are conditionally divided into 3 categories.

main category merging of capital construction

Victoria Grebennik:

- categorization due to the use of three approaches to the formation of a connection fee:

1. The first category includes private households, gas equipment which is designed for consumptiongas is not more than 5 cubic meters / hour, and small businesses whose gas consumption for technological equipment connected objects does not exceed 15 cubic meters / hour.This category usually get private home area of ​​300 square meters.m. and small objects communal household sector.

There are also restrictions on the activities to be performed for the gasification: the distance from the source of gas supply to gas-powered equipment is not more than 200 m., The gas pressure in the source of gas supply - no more than 0.3 MPa.And it planned to build gas-only entries without the device points gas reduction.

fixed cost of grid connection for the first category of objects is set by the regulator in the Moscow region of 50 thousand. Rubles for private houses, whose flow rate does not exceed 5 cubic meters.meters per hour.Here it is taken into account gas consumption of all the equipment, including the previously The connected to this connection point.Provided that the distance from the gas-powered equipment (boiler plate) to the nearest network timing (with a design operating pressure of 0.3 MPa), measured in a straight line to the connection point is not more than 200 meters.This tehpodklyucheniyu activities involve the construction of gas-only entries without the device points gas reduction.

2. The second category is capital construction, which is necessary for joining the construction of gas distribution pipelines and / or gas reduction device points;the stated amount of power exceeds the normalized volume of the first category, the gas pressure in the gas supply source, etc. 0.6 MPa

Such objects include large private houses, etc.These objects are connected by a standardized tariff rates, calculated in accordance with the procedure approved by the Federal Tariff Service and approved by the executive authorities in the field of state regulation of the REC (Regional Energy Commission) is the subject in which the organization operates.

3. The third category is the capital construction projects, which the accession of an individual project.The final determination of the cost, which is made on the basis of design and estimate documentation has been examined and the final price is set for each object individually executive authority in the field of state regulation in the subject in which the organization operates.

Signs This category includes any objects MCHRG with more than 500 cubic meters / h, as well as facilities for connection are required to pass through the lands of forest fund, the marshes of 3 degrees in the rocky soil, water obstacles, and any obstacles that require implementationWorks by horizontal directional drilling (horizontal directional drilling).

Thus, any connection within the rules has several levels of control to determine the cost of grid connection to the gas network.

Beginning in 2015, said the fee is indexed to the projected average annual rate of inflation. applicants whose MCHRG capital construction object than 300 cubic meters / h , must agree on the possibility of technological connection to the GRO, technologically related to the artist network.

How to calculate the maximum hourly consumption of gas?

The issue of concern to many developers.Despite the fact that the 5 m³ / h of gas consumed enough for the majority of private homes, preliminary calculation of the maximum hourly flow of gas can be carried out according to the following formula.

user FORUMHOUSE Stessi:

- The maximum flow rate determined by the formula:

B - gas flow equipment, m3 / h;

q - thermal output of equipment, kW;

n - the efficiency of the equipment;typically - 90-92%;

8000 - net calorific value of natural gas kcal / m3.

To this figure must be added all the other gas-consuming appliances in the house.For example, a gas stove.

averaged power burner stove with gas oven takes up to 10 kW.The calculation is performed in the same manner as the calculation of the boiler, but without taking into account efficiency.From: 10 / 1,163 / 8 = 1.1 m³ / h.

user FORUMHOUSE Brother Fox:

- for heating an area of ​​100 square meters.m necessary boiler output is 10 kW.This boiler consumes an average of 1.2 cubic meters / gas / h.

Procedure for connecting gas

gas connection is carried out, if the technical capabilities of the network timing (IAG) allows to connect a new customer, without prejudice to existing subscribers.In this case, the general sequence of actions on gasification involves the following steps:

1. Preparation of preliminary technical conditions.

In cases where the maximum hourly flow rate does not exceed 300 cubic meters / h, the applicants can apply to the IAG for the contract on connection without obtaining the preliminary technical conditions.

2. Application for connection and contract with GRO of grid connection.

Required Documents:

  • application containing details of the applicant (passport), contact details, name and address of the location of the acquired facility, the nature of the gas consumption, terms of design and construction of the facility, MCHRG, number and date of the preliminary specifications, if suchissued.
  • Documents confirming the ownership of the land.
  • calculation of the maximum hourly flow of gas (not required if MCHRG less than 5 m³ / h).
  • Situation plan with reference to the territory of the municipality.

Upon submission of all necessary information and documents, GRO within 30 days of the applicant prepares and sends the grid connection agreement, signed with his hand.After signing the contract the applicant and provide it to the GRO, according to the terms of the connection, in time taking steps to grid connection.

And the event to the border of the land plot made GRO, and events for the design, construction within the area, as well as installation VDGO (house gas equipment) are carried out by the applicant.

3. Implementation of activities within the area carried out by the applicant to make a contract.Design, construction and installation work on the gasification area inside the applicant can carry out not only Gorgaz, regional gas companies, but also other construction organizations in the admission SRO (permission to conduct relevant work) for design and construction and installation works on the basis of the agreement concluded with the applicant.

4. After performing the activities within the area of ​​the applicant sends to the service customer service GRO declaration of verification of the technical conditions.

5. To start the gas necessary to issue: The act of acceptance of the completed construction;The act of delimitation of ownership and operational responsibility.

6. Enter into a contract with GRO gas supplies, maintenance and gas pipeline equipment.

7. IAG date with an initial start-up of gas.

8. Contents Act of technological connection.

full FAQ gasification is available at this link.On the actual practice of the gas into the house under the new rules is told here.How to ask for gas in the house?The answer to this question FORUMHOUSE users can be found here.