Building a barbecue step by step

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21 April 2016
scented and transparent as a tear, ear, fragrant juicy meat and scrumptious risotto can be prepared only outdoors.Those who appreciate the natural taste of food soaked in a mouth-watering smell of smoke, know that barbecue in the country - a necessary thing.

When you look at the final work Anatoliya2, the forum member "Home and cottage", it seems that to make such a masterpiece itself impossible.But do not give up in front of you - step by step instructions on creating structures, combining elements of the stove, fireplace, grill and barbecue.

The first thing that must be done before the construction of a barbecue - to determine the place for him - protected from the sun, away from roads and neighbors.If Anatoliya2 barbecue was decided to attach to the blank wall gazebo with a ready foundation (reinforced slabs 30-40 cm).

Materials and technologies

Before working Anatoliy2 always making drawings and plans, but in this case the customer wanted an almost identical copy of one of his works.The calcul
ations are carried out for finished stuffing or a multiple of bricks - a preferred embodiment, to simplify the work of Pecnik.

Brick used suitable for structures which are subjected to termonagruzkam: fireclay or full-bodied red M: 125-175 or higher.Anatoliy2 fireclay used for several reasons: good color, reasonable price, seasoned geometry.

When building a brick barbecue can be arranged.Number of bricks - from 1200 pieces.The thickness of the seam in the brickwork is: 3-5 mm - for mortar and 5-7 mm - to the mix.Cutting Master steeps brick for 5-6 minutes to faskovaniya - 3-5 seconds at a laying - a rinse.

For beauty facilities Anatoliy2 used brick with facet (filmed at a right angle edge).Master takes its 4-5 mm in a leg.Brick cuts "grinder" chamfer takes on Tile.

Brick placed on heat-resistant cement-based mixture.When working with glinopeschanym solution should be added to a glass of cement M 400 in a bucket of the mixture.

adding salt in a ratio of 0.3-0.4 kg per 10 liters of solution, you will make it more resistant to high temperatures!

Home masonry

first complete and a preliminary series of structures were made of leschadki (thin flat brick floor stove Anatoliy2 used ordinary, cut in half).Second row - podium outer loop is paved with bricks cropped.The third row was the last one on the left side (a place in the oven).Likewise lay out a few series, leaving room for arch-jumpers.

arched bridge

Cut cradling.Use the board length 710 mm (715 mm openings).Mark up this way: from the axis the 145 mm at the edges - 20 mm (if the board allows, may be more important condition - the "take-off" must be not less than 1/8 the width of the opening).

further putting a rail or generally at a right angle to the board, as if continuing the axis, draw the line.With the three points we find the radius of the arc and perform, using string and a pencil.On the contour of jigsaw cut out, as do two other elements.

Mark up the brick.Attach the wheels to the brick and draw a line, "cutting" approximately the following formula: (50-20) / 2 = 15 mm, where 50 - the distance between the butting (where the bricks are not touching).For each web 9 need bricks.

Using cradling, cut "heel" bricks, which will build a jumper.Dimensions "heel" in this case - 113h140 mm (height).One of the five is in the form of an isosceles triangle of height 60 mm, and the base - 113 mm.The first bricks for the jumpers are cut on site.

term aging arch bridges in the formwork depends on the quality of the solution and the air temperature.Summer incubated for 5-26 days.

meets three arches.They must be the same.Mark up the harvested canted brick height: put them cradling, with a gap for the weld, and the level of draw the line.Arches are going from the edges to the middle, the last brick - "castle."

Continuation of

ceilings.Spread corners top lay brick, carry loop, external vёrstku and make the first row countertops.After the work is over it is over, remove the whirling and proceed to the formation of the working part.

spread the first row of the combustion unit.Note that this only applies to the ligation of wall barbecue;for those that are more difficult to separate ligation.

«dirty» corrected after drying masonry brick: it is cleaning with sandpaper and impregnated or coated with varnish.

continue laying, in the 15th and 16th ranks by making cuts - guides for the frame on which are stacked a skewer or lattice barbecue.When the device masonry pilasters do without dressing, above the countertop - bandages (in the 17th and 18th rows).

We make jumper (number 22), forming the smoke box and finish 23 minutes row - the most difficult of all.The thick inner seams Anatoliy2 not filled with a solution, and thin scraps of brick to reduce the cost of construction.Completing the top of the table top (24th row) and lay out the next row.

the sweeping

Harvesting bricks.The size of the opening - 715h400 mm, it is necessary to go to 240x240: 240 mm and 160 mm sides - on the facade (rounded up to 20 and 15 mm).Conventionally, split into 10 rows and cut bricks (each number pruning takes about an hour)."Lost" millimeters offset the 11th, and if necessary - and 12th rows.On the "annexe" laid granite.By defining the entry point of a metal pipe in the smoke box, put the smoke box (26-37 th series).


in a row put six bricks (470h470 mm around the perimeter).Ligation - simple - dvuhryadka (rows 97-98).Making Fascia (projection), form headroom.Then there is the ordinary number in the "Shesterikov" Fascia again in several "with six" after making the dome (minaret).Wonder barbecue is ready!

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