Installing the stove and chimney

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20 April 2016


After a long search on the Internet information about what is needed in the furnace lodges and how to build a chimney for it, raking Mouse came to the conclusion that his house suitable kiln Breneran (Buleryan) 01. A chimneyhe decided to put the "sandwich".

When choosing models - 01, he thought that in the house are not insulated rooms and need additional protaplivanie.Oven predatory Mouse took power reserve, in order to have enough, if necessary, to heat the house in winter.So we had to think carefully about where to put the stove.And after thinking it was found the optimal location for the stove in the house.As soon as the location for the stove has been determined, it is thought through and drew the future location of the chimney, which you can see in the figure.

Installing the stove and chimney

delivery of materials

All work on the installation of the furnace and the chimney itself decided to do while on vacation.And before that, he began to count - how to accurately display the chimney through the wall, and

select what type of chimney.

still had a problem - how to bring the oven, because it weighs 100 kg.?After much doubt predatory Mouse has decided to do everything alone.In the store, buying, helped her load in the Chevrolet Niva.But in the country, he unloaded it himself, without donёs postorenney assistance and set in the house.

behind the stove and pipes, he went 2 times.First I bought a stove and all the necessary accessories for the chimney.And then he had to buy a stand at the stove, glass furnace.For chimney bought pipes, adapters, multiple sockets, wall bushings, insulating filler - wool, fasteners to the wall and headroom.All metal that he bought was made of stainless steel.

hike on the market and comparing prices, predatory Mouse decided not to take a tiny metal reflector size of 0.5m - 1m for 500 rubles, and bought two galvanized sheet size of 2m - 1m for 560 rubles each.It was enough for him to be protected from the heat of the stove wall, on the floor under the stove and still left to cover the roof of the well.

Start of

place to install the pipe he had little, so everything had to rely to a millimeter.He had to withdraw through the wall of the chimney and install pipe vertically upwards so as not to interfere with the two edges of the roof.Furthermore, the tube must be installed far away from the window.Everything is calculated, he set to work.

Installing the stove and chimney Installing the stove and chimney

main and crucial moment predatory Mouse considered manufacturing support bracket under the chimney, because it has to draw the entire chimney tees and other items.Support bracket for chimney predatory Mouse made himself out of the corner of 30 mm and 50 mm, using a drill and grinder, using bolts of appropriate length with a diameter M10 and M8.

And before that, he had to dismantle the wall, to strengthen the seats for the bracket from inside the house.Then he assembled the outer bracket and attach to him two top corners of the runners - to be able to move the tee in the fitting, that is to push all the chimney from the roof.After assembly and installation - fitting of the supporting arm - he covered it with varnish, metal, and protect it from the effects of corrosion.

Installing the stove and chimney Installing the stove and chimney

Satisfied that performed outside the house, began to thermal insulation of walls inside the house, but first box secured with stainless steel bushings.

from the furnace wall to the wall turned 35 cm - is allowable rate, given that there is thermally screen.So he continued to work, and closed up the wall 10mm plywood, and the entire area of ​​plywood secured with screws asbestos sheet (worked in a respirator).Then, on top of the wall hid asbestos single sheet of galvanized metal measuring 2 meters by 1 meter 20 cm. But first he cut a piece of the square hole for the box-anus.All fixed the screws with different kind of head (flat or semi-circular - looking where they were used).

Installing the stove and chimney Installing the stove and chimney

Place in the oven predatory Mouse also well insulated from heat.First he laid out on the floor tiles and fix it with screws on the edges and corners.After that, the top sheet and spread asbestos asbestos sheet spread on top sheet of thin basalt wool.Everything is covered galvanized iron sheet of appropriate size and secured with screws suitable size well.Along the edges of the sheet, he did a side that would not debris from wood echoed through the room, and remained on galvanized sheet (where it can be easily swept away with a broom).

Installing the stove and chimney Installing the stove and chimney

Thus, preparing a place in the oven and chimney, he began to collect the entire structure together.Drill the adapter from the oven to the required sandwich hole - put the adapter and sliding the oven, - put the sandwich adapter 50 cm long. In this case, all connections are sealed with fire-resistant sealant, which bought the furnace.It took all the seams of the chimney - just one tube of sealant.

When assembling the chimney consider the requirements of the location of the direction of runoff water and smoke.That is - is going up (dressed upper part to the lower).When calculating the height of the chimney above the roof it is strictly guided by the relevant SNP-s.Since chimney predatory Mouse arranged at a sufficient distance from the ridge of the roof, he made it just below the ridge.Therefore, the length of the chimney turned out less than the recommended 6 meters.It turned out one meter shorter.Accordingly - 5 meters - and five pipes sandwiches.

pipe from the stove out from the wall of his house at a sufficient height above the ground.Therefore, the height of the chimney is sufficient.The lower segment of the chimney he secured to the wall by means of standard wall bracket, with inside also reinforced and strengthened seats for these brackets.But the upper segments of the three pipes sandwiches - have been unfastened.

Installing the stove and chimney Installing the stove and chimney

get high design.And I thought he decided to insure it.Secure the top of the chimney with three extensions of 120 degrees apart from each other.It was bought by the appropriate cable and special-tightening clamps hooks versatile thread for stringing cable.The ends of the cables have been attached by means of special brackets to the head.Only after that the chimney stood firm and motionless on his pedestal - support bracket.

Chimney passes at a sufficient distance from both edges of the roof and not in contact with them.Simply put, all the predatory Mouse perfectly timed and perfectly done.

legs drilled into the furnace opening and the tiles on the floor pobeditovym drill, he fastened to the floor of the oven long bolts, and then the furnace and chimney gathered together.

three days waiting for predatory Mouse completely dry fire-resistant sealant, and only then decided to heat the oven.

Installing the stove and chimney

First he studied the instructions on the use of adjusting valves and the first time to heat the oven at maximum.Especially not set up the duration of combustion, so it worked for a little over 6 hours.The first time was a terrible stench, paint baked.In general, the burns that had burned and burnt.

temperature outside was 19 degrees - in the room went up by 40 pp so keep windows and doors open, that the draft would erode the smell of burn stove.Running-in oven is successful.Particular attention is paid to predatory Mouse seats can become hot box near the entrance.But then everything was fine.

so that the furnace was burned in the normal range.The second time Predatory Mouse to heat the oven literally the next morning, because at the end of June, it was cold in the morning, about 12C.He guides it to heat for about 9-10 hours on a single tab.Thrust into the furnace was good - it means the chimney is exposed correctly.

most predatory Mouse was afraid he did poorly insulated.The fears proved groundless.

And his cat liked to sit on the outside chimney - bask.


  • The cost of installing the oven - about 30 thousand rubles;
  • installation time alone took about a week;

Generally predatory Mouse was happy with the result.

How to clean the chimney

Tar in the chimney is the same condensate, which is produced in the oven without any insulated chimney.If the flue is well insulated (sandwich), then there is no tar.

There antiquated method - for this you need to heat the oven aspen wood, as well as suitable spruce, alder, bird cherry.After the firewood to heat - "from the trees vampire" chimney cleaned, skinned aspen smoke sticky soot from the inner walls of the chimney and pipes