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20 April 2016

«tandyrnaya Flapjack" - read in a supermarket and a rosy nostalgic and delicious Armenian bread.And, breaking off a piece of the store that did that outwardly similar to the one - the present, I'm thinking: instead of whether to put at his dacha tandoor?

Surely, such an idea occurred to no one forumchanin when he watched how - seemingly - easy bake oven samsa Armenian and tortillas, fried meat and even to make tea.However, to build a tandoor in the country itself is not so simple.To find the best option, unleashed a debate forum users.

Tandoor by the rules

To produce tandoor master kaolin clay using a special light-yellow color.It added to the wool of a sheep or camel, kneaded and left to ripen, like dough.The so-called"Live" under Akhangaran clay mined in Uzbekistan.The material is used without further processing.

week later molded tandoor: make "sausages" length of 30-40 cm and a diameter of 5.7 cm, roll them into a thick tape.From her cut pieces, fold them and spread on top of each other in

the form of a cylinder with a tapered neck.The stove must dry in the shade for about a month.Normal size tandoor: height - one and a half meters in diameter in the middle part - up to 1 m, neck (it - and incendiary chimney hole) - 0.5 m.

construct collected directly to the foundation.To create termorubashki "pitcher" coated with clay, put on the front side wall of bricks fell asleep in the gaps formed clay or sand from the bottom of the side utrambovkoy.V for blowing air into the working chamber leaves a hole or put a pipe diameter of 10-12 cm. Blowing closeafter the burning of fuel.To improve the traction of the neck tube tin give a cone.The first furnace tandoor inside coated with cottonseed oil (the clay from sticking to the lozenges) and fired for a day, gradually increasing the temperature, the clay is not cracked.

to Bukhara, Samarkand and Kashkadarya regions of Uzbekistan is characterized by the vertical placement of the tandoor, in the Fergana Valley and Tashkent region oven placed horizontally, placing the base against the wall.The top and sides of the cooking chamber draped brick and coated with clay mixed with wheat straw and salt.Also make underground tandoor.

Before each pastries in the chamber harness the dry twigs and small wood.Fuel enclose while the camera is not glowing to red.Coal shovel in the middle of the chamber wall and cakes sprinkled with salt water, the bread is easy to depart from the walls.

Tandoor brick

Member Forum "Home and cottage» Billy, do not have experience masonry stoves, I decided to make a tandoor brick, combining it with outdoor oven under the cauldron.Calculated that with the clay to work harder, but the result is difficult to predict, the owner opted for the firebrick.

tandoor cement or brick longer warmed, to cook them harder than clay.

task is complicated by the fact that the tandoor to be installed in the summer kitchen, which at the facilities needed to make oblique façade, because of which often had to cut the brick and poryadovkoy ever stray.

All series Billy lecturing "dry" and customized.Red bricks laid on the clay-sand mortar, fireclay - a special mixture of masonry.The voids between the firebrick forumchanin filled with clay mortar for thermal insulation paved basalt wool between the working chamber and lining.

Code tunnel furnace host blocked two fireclay bricks lying on the corner of 45th and sawn in the form of the furnace.The emptiness laid corners fireclay remaining from cuts in the past in facing rows of empty concrete block fell asleep.

Error: Billy poured concrete block on top of the grout, add cement and sand-clay mixture.It was found that for good reason: after the first burst of the furnace cement and Rusper the top two rows of masonry.They are the result should be altered.

To obtain a smooth surface of the furnace, the joints between the bricks as possible overwritten.At the end of Billy put the door, the whole stove top scalded metal corners.Two days later, the owner made the first furnace: he put the wood and went through a couple of hours back and made a barbecue in the red-hot furnace.

Modern tandyrs used as fuel, not only coal, but also gas or electricity: the bottom set gas burner or an electric coil is placed.

RESULT: after 25 minutes the meat was ready, and get much juicier than the grill.The intense heat in the chamber was maintained for about five hours, so cakes and baked well.A great advantage of the tandoor, compared with barbecue, Billy said that around him do not need to be: wait until the coals burn through, turn the skewers.Even if we overdo skewers, it is not undercooked, but only becomes less juicy.

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