Russian oven for four output

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19 April 2016

For centuries, the furnace was faithful companion Russian man: it is not only cooked food, baked bread, dried mushrooms and roots, with it still warmed home on cold days and treated colds.

melt the hot oven, allowed to cool her home a little bit, and the place of food and coal umostivshiysya served on the board-lounger patients who stuffed directly into the shed, still breathing fever.On hot wall construction squirting water or diluted kvas, which raised thick "bread" couple.While weak sweating inside the furnace, the owners are also given the opportunity to experience the healing effect of the sauna.

Today, few who dare to such extreme experiences, but to cook the most varied and delicious dishes - from meat patties until golden and pizzas - the dream of many forum users.One of them, otttt decided to build in the country Russian stove under an awning, despite the fact that he had to deal with a brick oven for the first time.During the first examination suburban area forumchanin discovered that the pr

evious owner had left near the well foundation, probably having decided to build a summer kitchen.Even then otttt decided to implement this idea, erecting gazebo kitchenette.

Before the construction of the shed, he poured the foundation for the furnace complex, choosing the angular layout.Studied the forum topics related to the case of heating, got acquainted with different designs, and as a result, chose a Russian stove, guided by such considerations:

  • construction of such facilities for beginners just a lot of mistakes, it is only necessary to follow some of the canons;
  • Russian stove - the universal construction: it is possible and to cook and simmer, and cook, and even smoke;kebabs are obtained extraordinarily delicate meat is warmed from all sides;
  • this oven is deep enough the furnace, which is important for open air: wind does not snatch smoke outside.

otttt later realized that was not mistaken in their choice: despite the fact that the tube was low, and next were trees, thrust the cancellation and did not depend on wind direction.The last reason was the nostalgia for childhood spent with my grandmother: porridge with foam, the type of which salivate, malyshnya, comfortably located on the oven and arrange fun performances for adults - in memory of his best years forumchanin and decided to realize his dream.

First otttt poured foundation about 20 cm thick, laid in two layers of rebar D6 mm, not tying up with an old foundation.Then I decided to try myself in a stone wall.The first experiment was not entirely successful, but the kind of construction has already begun to emerge.To monoliths have lost moisture, the owner all held under the film.

Prior to the construction of the furnace, he bought a brick, exercise, putting first in his life brick corner.Making hearth Russian stove - a very important step, but because otttt reacted to this work very seriously.Ties are made of glass-- that sand does not spill out through the holes in the bricks.Masonry arch forumchanin decided to simplify buying ready wedge fireclay.And it was the right decision: to achieve beautiful and smooth wedges without special skills and tools is almost impossible.

Tools that use the host: 125th Bulgarian, rubber mallet, a small furnace trowel, diamond wheel.

Otttt advises not to buy bricks for cutting grinding wheels - wasting money.Properly selected and serviceable tool - the success of the entire work and the pleasure of it!

Diamond circle on firebrick sometimes "salted": brick will melt, and no cut.With this forumchanin struggled before cutting soaking bricks in water one to two minutes.If you still drive, "greasy", he exposed the diamonds using corundum bar and did three or four shallow saw cut in a bar.To the level of the hearth otttt put bricks on the cement in a ratio of 1: 4 with sifted sand.

The rear edge of the hearth have to do a little bit higher than the front, making the tie with a slope!

put two rows on a falling asleep dry sand and glass (you can stone) for heat accumulation.Validating used 40 bottles crushed.After finishing the "cold" part of the stove, he began to work with chamotte, clay and mortar.The latter, as well as solutions for masonry oven he used ready-made, store bought.The density of the solution is selected empirically.In view of the fact that the fireclay bricks dry instantly sucked the water from the solution, and a few seconds later a brick could not be corrected, otttt soaking it in water.

proved tricky to put the furnace roof - from the processing of bricks.Validating did two circling, they put a pre-soaked to easily bent and fiberboard.The rear of the arch made slightly higher than a: With this design creates a "cap" which holds the hot gases, and they, in turn, effectively transferring heat bricks.

When masonry arch should consider these points: refractory bricks laying on the sand without mortar - better choose bricks and lay a solid under, while on the edges of the ignition gaps remain;Be sure to create a thermal threshold of the front arch.

heat threshold otttt offers to do so: the entire front half bricks and "sharpen" is thinner than the rest.This makes them "fall through" to the desired height.They can only cut in the form of the letter "G", and the nut is ready!Formwork otttt did not folding - suggested at the first burn furnace.But then he changed his mind and Bulgarian cut inside whirling and fiberboard, fan heater to dry.

Its design set of fireclay and wall overhang obtain separate structures.The gap he left with the help of basalt wool.She also, for thermal insulation, filled the space between the vault and the overhang.For the ventilation near the back wall in place, imperceptible to the eye, left two holes.

movement of moisture should be unhindered in both directions, otherwise the mold will appear.

Although many designs of the Russian stove is no such item as a "tooth", otttt decided yet vgnezdit him in Kaptur.Tooth in his furnace formed of two series: the first - Spoon one-third of brick, the second - poking 2/3.Both are cut at 45 degrees.Kaptur completed overhang quarter brick on a corner.Because of the truss system pipe asymmetric turned.

Do not keep laying pipe in a quarter.In this case it was a necessary measure.We need to put in a half-brick, with a fuzz in the area of ​​the roof, as required by fire regulations.

have otttta with tight protopke within 4-6 hours of heated tube is not much - can be held by hand.The first protopke smoke went right.Formed many efflorescence had to overwrite several times, after which he covered the heat-resistant varnish.

Materials and expenses (in Belarusian rubles):

  • 98 one and a half pieces of red perforated brick - 100 thousand rubles .;
  • 3 pcs.15 kg chamotte solution - at 39000;
  • 100 pieces.firebrick SHA5 - 385,000 rubles .;
  • 12 pcs.V firebrick SHA44 - 60000 rub .;
  • 2 bags of cement - 34000 rub .;
  • 8 pcs.over 60 cm - 40000 rub .;
  • diamond cutting disc 125 - 17000 rub .;
  • diamond stripping cup 125 - 75000 rub .;
  • 1 square.m grid "serpyanka" - 4000 rubles .;
  • 120 pcs.Decorative bricks - 216,000 rubles .;
  • cutting disc "Zubr" - 28000 rub .;
  • mortar - 39000 rub .;
  • 2 pcs.dry mix "Parade" Kazakhstan - 53000 rub .;
  • bar for sharpening diamond - 4000 rubles .;
  • gloves - 5000 rubles .;
  • 130 pcs.brick "Obol" - 234000 rub .;
  • cast iron valve - 30000 rub .;
  • two banks of high-temperature varnish 0.5 - 80,000 rubles.

only about $ 500.

on materials participants of the forum "Home and Cottage"