Set the oven to the outer chimney

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18 April 2016

Member Forums wooden house built in the last year.In anticipation of the new winter season, the owners have conceived to solve the problem of its heating becauseconvectors and wall heater could not cope with heating promorozhennaya home, especially when the temperature fell to - 26 ° C.The situation is complicated by the errors in the insulation and the periodic power outages.That is why gardeners have decided to install a metal oven with an external chimney.

Equipment and materials

All work carried out on their own electron, pre-buy everything you need: oven, Wrought iron stands for her supporting platform, locking collars, vent-headroom and double-chimney "sandwich" of stainless steel.

These chimneys are suitable for wooden and stone houses.Regardless of the type of fuel, they work well with any heating systems and chimneys.An important part of the chimney "sandwich" - is an intermediate insulating layer.Its thickness should be in the range of 30-60 mm depends on the system and the noise facto

r formation of condensate on the tube.

also need a heat-resistant sealant, basalt wool and cardboard, galvanized sheet, asbestos-cement slab.Wall console and bracket for supporting the host site set out to do on their own.Following the advice of members of the forum, Electron started the installation, based on the layout of the exterior chimney.

This method is used when the heater is installed in already built house.This appears from the furnace flue through the wall of the room.Advantages: saving of space in the room, relatively easy installation, no need to go through the roof and floor decks.Disadvantages: the presence of the horizontal section, reducing cravings, the need to insulate the chimney;can not fit into the design of buildings.

Set oven

Even during the construction of the house Electronics has provided an opening in the wall (1h1,5 m), to later pass to set node and mortgage board for fixing the outerreference platforms chimney.From the inside, he took bunk, removed the foam, drank mortgage board and moved it lower, as was originally intended to buy a vertical furnace, and bought - horizontal.Then began to make the podium for the stove: the floor covered in two layers of flame retardant, beds basalt cardboard, on top - list atseida, pre-drill holes for the screws.

of 1 sq.m. atseida must be at least 9 screws.To prevent stress and blistering material tighten from the center to the periphery.

a sharp knife, cut around the perimeter edge of the basalt cardboard on asbolist put tiles of granite.Once the tile adhesive dried out at the planned location Place the oven and measured the height of the outlet.Passing the master box made of galvanized sheet, cut and bent two blanks.Edges and joints are riveted galvanized area.

On the exterior, made of imitation beams, electron hole sawed 650h650 mm.In a prepared opening secured two pieces of mounting profile, acting as a fastening assembly flow and stiffness for support sheet atseida.Box secured to the profile by means of parts and bolts and nuts - it allowed center the knot in the doorway.The very tight opening filled with mineral wool, with overlapping joints width pillars was 150 mm, so get three layers.

filling the gap with mineral wool Electronics realized that erred: wool spring and tends to deform the entrance node, resulting in over time could be void.

for rigidity forumchanin had additionally set in the corners of the box to reinforce the outer part.

Mounting chimney

Bracket basic platform of electronic business segments mounting galvanized sections and corners of the storage racks, made of thick perforated steel, heat-resistant colored enamel.Pipes it meets in resistant sealant and hose clamps that are included.

First Electronic mounted support element, and then - tee it after - tight passageway filled with mineral wool, which cut through the hole 200 mm.Outside the hole closed atseida sheet 700h700 mm galvanized top cover.Indoor screwed atseida sheet with a hole cut out for the chimney, horizontal pipe inserted into the tee through the butchering.The furnace has put in place, putting it way on the socket.Horizontal pipe fashioned from the host meter sandwich: Bulgarian outer shell cut to the desired length and cut off the excess insulation.

horizontal section of the chimney must not be more than 1 meter.The increase is offset by the length of the chimney height or other measures.Also in this section should be possible cleaning - it shall apply the relevant tees with the audit.

To continue, the electrons had to mount on the facade of the forest.The overhang of the roof, he made a cutout in the shape of the letter "P" for the passage of the chimney.Advantages of this decision considers that the fire hazard is reduced, there is no need to seal the roof;Cons - the complexity of the implementation.To protect the chimney from birds and rain, put on a well head.

're not a lot to do: secure the tube to a height above the ridge, put the missing Cornice strip, the inner wall of a tiled stove make the podium edging profile and the stove to heat.

Experts warn that manufacturers do not always take into account the specifics of the installation of the chimney of the "sandwich".It is secured by connecting pipes inside the "Condensate", and the outside - "the smoke."Ieinside the top tube of the chimney should go to the bottom and from the outside - the top is pushed to the bottom.If you purchased a "sandwich" is assembled correctly, it is necessary to remove the inner tube, turn, and reinsert it.

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