Construction of the Russian stove in Kamchatka

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17 April 2016

his desire to build a Russian stove Vadim Borisych explains higher prices for kerosene, which he stoked the house until the advent of free space and in relation to the departure of the children.Moreover, in his opinion, furnace heating creates a healthy microclimate in the house.An important advantage of the Russian stove forumchanin finds and taste of dishes cooked in it.

The first floor allows you to put the stove.We had to break the bearing wall, demolish the wall between rooms, to dismantle the ceilings and part of the floor to fill the plate under the furnace.Plaster forumchanin cut angle grinder, hammer pecked.

preparatory work lasted about a month.Finally, Vadim Borisych took up the device as a foundation slab.The lower grille made of valves 20 mm in increments of 150, the top may he considers superfluous - 12 mm with the same pitch.Then the foundation was poured.He was left for drying, basting from time to time so as not cracked.

foundation to stand for five days, and Vadim Borisych sta

rted masonry oven.

laying process is much simplified machine.Then forumchanin I finished collector.

Gradually it came to the hearth.Posudnitsu Vadim Borisych overlaps with the area of ​​50 mm.In the left corner of the hole for the register.Then proceeded to the firebox and the bottom chamber.Overhang collector he performed in two rows, but not like Batsulina - three.I decided that if posudnitse will be very hot, it will add a row.

construction furnace went gradually.

Code Vadim Borisych decided to do with the rise of 6 cm. Mouth to get small, which caused the problem with the procleaning set: to get into the furnace was not easy.

Members Active concluded that it was necessary to make the mouth wider by a half-brick and a quarter later.

However, Vadim decided Borisych still rely on the experience of A. Batsulina and see how the building will work, although in a steam oven with its growth will be uncomfortable.

name must already experience the following arch was easier to do.Validating swirling pattern painted on the computer.The difficulty was that, working on the arches, brick had to be customized for them, and not vice versa.However, Vadim Borisych comforted himself with the hope that at this difficult stage of work is over, and then it will be easier.

Members Active decided to reinforce the outer loop does not make sense.If masonry furnace was conducted properly and in places of possible pressure was put on the walls of the shock absorber type basalt cardboard oven will not crack.

Vadim Borisych draws attention to the fact that in the bath brick oven was reinforced all, but it did not help - couch rose by 3 mm.According forumchanin Russian stove burns in a power saving mode, so the problem should not be.Ligation of fireclay and red bricks in the hot seat and have not been performed.

owner reached couches.Zagnetko was made and put samovarnik, left three rows to the sweeping.Samovarnik was made with the pipe 75, which conveniently fit into the masonry.However, due to the fact that Vadim Borisych measured Borovichsky brick kiln only after reached the upper ranks, came the error.This brick was thinner and fireclay Vitebsk 5 mm.Validating was forced to increase the height of the outer contour of a thin brick.To make the masonry, nails welded to the pipe.As they began to break down as soon as Vadim Borisych their bent, had yet tighten the screw.Bench was completed, one brick ceiling haila owner did heels.

Laying a number of valves to take one day.It was the most time-consuming part of the job.Other business - dampers.But they had to put complete with doors, which was also troublesome.Vadim damper Borisych found that during the classical furnace stove was possible to adjust the thrust of fine tuning.Two valves would be superfluous.

Ready oven was covered with an acrylic primer.Pipe the output through the whole house.

materials used

for the construction of the furnace has been spent:

  • Borovichsky brick - 1400 pieces;
  • fireclay bricks - 800 pcs .;
  • gravel-sand mixture - 35 bags;
  • dry mix for laying refractory bricks - 8 bags;
  • cleanout door - 10 pcs .;
  • valves - 4 pcs .;
  • Combustion and ash-pit door;
  • area 50 mm - 42 m;
  • Area 100 mm - 1.5 m;
  • channel number 8 - 3.5 m;
  • trivia - slotted bricks, cement, basalt cardboard, 4 pieces shidelya.


has come November.Night temperature for a week dropped to -10 ° C.The average temperature was about three degrees Celsius.For a month for space heating was burned a little more than half a cube of wood.The furnace stoked almost daily.The air temperature in the room was 21-23 ° C.

Editor: Olga Travin