Stove garage with his hands

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17 April 2016

stoves are widely used at the beginning of the last century.She warmed not only houses, but also the dugout, warehouses, train wagons.With the advent of central heating and gas furnaces, metal is gradually moved in the garden and in the garage.Here stove that heats the room quickly, but cools more quickly after the end of the furnace, still - a frequent guest.

Members Active Slavjan82 decided to surprise tests - quickly and inexpensively make a heating facility for the garage.Besides, it was a good opportunity to try out not so long ago acquired welders.Everything needed were at hand - namely propane tank Soviet era, in which the test was once kept gasoline.

Slavjan82 marker noted the circumference of the location of the door to load the wood and ash.Painted almost eye using a ruler as a white thread.Then he began to cut the balloon.First, the master was afraid to work with improvised canister, especially because of her still could smell fuel.However, since the operation of the balloon passed many yea

rs, and sSlavjan82 relied on luck.

autopsy took place without complications, but because Slavjan82 immediately welded to the lower half of the cylinder bars.It was made of rebar diameter of 16 mm, which also was found on the farm.

It remained for the small - to cook both sides.However, there emerged a small problem: the bottom half of the cylinder, which still seemed strong enough to change their shape.Validating decided that it happened during welding.Later it turned out that the bottom of the container standing on an uneven spot, making it somewhat pokosilo.Reshiv problem, Slavjan82 Bulgarian slotted door where hinges had to be.Then, cut and welded hinge of the door.

welded stops and cut off valve.It suggests that will be used for stoves exhaust pipe outer diameter of 90 mm and an internal - about 82 mm.

How to look at the handle of the metal furnace forumchanin did not know, and therefore made to your liking.It turned out clumsy, but functional.Finally Slavjan82 welded exhaust pipe and experienced home-made.In the future he plans to improve the device.

upgrade options

fact possible modernization has been the subject of heated discussion in the forum.So, DeduskaDiesel proposed to increase the heat transfer via convection shirt.He also advised to raise burzhujku 20 cm from the floor.To firewood not goes bust as fast forumchanin recommended to put on the exhaust pipe gate, and on the pipe itself around weld plate, came to something like a radiator.

Validating believe that it is more expedient to position the balloon than horizontally as in Slavjan82, but vertically.In this furnace will be more convenient to lay the wood.However, the vertical position has its advantages: saving space in the garage.

Father-forumchanin which the invention had in mind, and hastened to put forward its proposal - to make the stoves removable top to the oven in the summer could be used as a cauldron for pilaf.


In the manufacture of stoves was spent 10 hours.In general, Slavjan82 was pleased with the end result.Outside it was 11 degrees below zero, but the oven is well warmed.Slightly disappointed consumption: one load of firewood enough for half an hour of the furnace.The size of the furnace door and the ash out normal, however, according to forumchanin, blower door would not hurt to raise about 5 cm.

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