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11 April 2016

It is part of history, faced many users furnace acquired country house all good - well fired, do not smoke, it is convenient to prepare and dry things, that's just the look - unfortunately, leaves much to be desired.Clay plastered sloppy, kind of shabby, whitewashing soot, went crack, stain, rust ....And so you want to oven feast for the eyes - was fair, clean, with flowers ... to help you - the experience of the participants it turned out, turn your oven toiler in the work of art is not difficult.

on art, of course, not all brandishing someone enough to the stove took the original appearance, was clean and neat.How to achieve this, advises setter Alex Telegin

Alexey Telegin:

- clears out the old plaster, wet the surface, put a reinforcing mesh or burlap, pre-moistened clay and sandy-clay plasterers solution, correcting irregularities.

When dry, blanch solution quicklime.

When Marina1983S became the happy owner of the furnace, also asks question

s of her ennobling.


- wants to bring the furnace in order and give it a nice modern look.There is an idea to remove the whitewashing and redecorated oven.The furnace into two rooms: one - fireplace, and on the other - a wall of the room.How does the stove without whitewash, do not know, it's frightening to take it off.I would like to have been budget and nicely under a decorative stone.There is another problem: where the fireplace, cast iron top plate with two circles that can be removed.So - where it is connected to the furnace, the pieces fall off either of the clay, or cement, and a gap in which a fire in the furnace can be seen.As it repaired, I'll never know..

1. The oven decorate?I've realized that you need to remove the whitewashing, something to put some kind of mesh and on top of that already put decorative stone.

2. The correct the situation on the edges of the hob?

most budget option - to gloss over the clay, whitewash, and top draw something - can get very stylish, says Beatrice .

Vladi World also believes whitewash good option isovetuet not be afraid of new fractures:

- Not so sad with whitewash.The main reason for the cracks that:

1. They had never removed, as it should.Not scratched plaster up bricks.Not cleaned from the joints of bricks remains of clay.Not scored to close the new solution.Probably every time limited surface putty.

2. Plaster made without reinforcement (mesh, burlap or gauze), destined to burst with sprawling on the heating or cooling brickwork.In 90% of cases of this trouble is removable.Suffice plastered oven for reinforcing coating.

So if you obobete old plaster and put it through the same armirovochny layer, the problem with cracks should leave.Beli over and paint.

Other budget options I know.Any finish - that stone, tile or that something else - and labor-intensive, and expensive on materials.There are some special heat-resistant putty have money are considerable.Save on them - all cracked and pootvalivaetsya.

have Vladi World there were also tips for small repairs in the joints of the iron furnace stove:

- By Chugunin.Shoot.We clean the residue from the clay surface on which the plate rests.

Take mineral wool (required on a basalt base, from any manufacturer).Cut with a knife into strips.Obkladyvayut seat of the iron plate.Right, that plate then lay on the wool (if stout wool, it is possible to stratify the desired thickness without problems).Soaked or impregnated cotton wool posited liquid sand and clay mortar.And after all this mess put back Chugunin carefully align the edge of a mixture of sand and clay, and clipped, pushed deep into compacts or mineral wool in the places where it sticks and stops.

Members Active considers that better use of kaolin wool: it is, at least, more environmentally friendly.But rockwool has almost any store building materials and kaolin "need to know where to get."

stove doors, become ferrous dirty shed, painted with heat-resistant paint.Only it is important to look only to the heat resistance was not lower than 600 degrees.

mamaMatroskina renovating old brick oven and stove-fitter's curse, which it did: the seams are huge and different in width from 0.5 to 3 centimeters, respectively crooked bricks are:

- I clean everything to the ground - bare brick, sometimes through the seams.Very deep hole Lead Plitonitom superkamin Ogneupor too wide and deep - with driving them pieces of brick or the same wiring harness, which sealed the door.

Now you need to plaster it.

For this mamaMatroskina bought a net of fiberglass and plaster corners to align the corners of the oven.First strengthened corners, to play the role of lighthouses in the first layer of plaster, plastered, pasted grid, then again I walked plaster grid.

For these works, you can use the classic glinopeschanuyu plaster.Otherwise, to avoid cracks in the areas where the joints between the bricks "breathe", need thermo plastic compositions.Here's a recipe offers Alexey Telegin:

- clay-sand mortar made from pre-cooked, cleaned of impurities and soaked clay with addition of the sand (preferably small mountain).The desired consistency is checked by tests:

1. roll down the ball with a diameter of about 50 mm, and release it from a height of about one meter to the floor.Now studying his remains.If the ball has numerous cracks and delamination - a mix of poor, need to add clay.If spreads in the cake - the fat, add the sand.

2. The same ball put out to dry in the shade and occasionally slightly moisten the surface to dry completely (about two days).Now check it for strength, and dropping from 1 meter ... If crumbled into a fine crumb - a lot of sand, even if cracked during drying - clay.

before finishing stove mameMatroskina well advised to heat it a couple of times.We heated the oven to maximize all the cracks.In this state, they are easier to close up, and it will turn out better.If a patch of cold, then the furnace joints, as usual, will expand and will be all the same gaping fissures from which you are dreaming to get rid of.

Many forum users pointed out as a good option, without whitewash finish - so that each brick could be seen.


- Long thought than ennoble oven: terracotta tiles would be finished, then I found dorogushchuju imported and almost decided to take.But when cleansed oven from the old whitewash, because I liked the look of old bricks!In general, the embedded glass door perezater seams masonry mixture, cleaned with a wire brush all unnecessary, primed, covered seams heat-resistant enamel red-brown-black door, and all the bricks thermally stable lacquer into two layers.The tests were successful-not smoke, do not crack.Then see how behave.Live, I like the look.

Igor-11 assures that you can decorate even more interesting and more reliable:

- tested in practice.The furnace is made of stone and is heated very much.They fitted a mesh structure plastered with salt.They put on a decorative stone adhesive for fireplaces and stoves.Stove stood a year.After a dozen furnaces stone was thrown.I had to beat it.Self adhesive left on the stove.We came up with a simple and cheaper option.Sketched a coat around 1-1.5 cm from the solution and glue furnace, approximately 50x50.Adv by stone and painted conventional water-based paints.It turned out beautifully and reliably.

In this branch forum you will find more tips and examples of how to make your furnace safe and beautiful.But here - description of the proven technology of construction of this Russian oven in just a few days off.On successful experience repairing furnaces Swede told in this video.