Window vzlomootvod

By Admin | Security Systems
15 April 2016
window equipped with this lock system, not only to stop intruders, not allowing them to enter the house, but also pleasantly surprise the homeowner ease of use.

system i.S.a cylindrical rod and special safety interlocks automatically rises in the groove between 10 and 14 mm.

is adjustable clamp.

By setting the parameters of the system is fully adapted to the already existing on the market cylindrical bollards.

Since the core security iSvery easily and firmly in the locking groove.

Cterzhen iSIt can be installed in combination with other closures, both standard and fail-safe because mounting components for them interchangeable.

So simple turn of a standard window can become a reliable protection against burglary.To achieve the desired security, other locking systems are needed.

addition to the quality of the material from which made the window crucial amount of used cylindrical rods safety iSin combination with an anti-theft accompanying blockers, and the intervals between them.

Security Bollards installed in the desired quantity not depending on the number of bolt locks.

Thus, even if one of the bollards will be broken, the backup will prevent hacking.