Overview of security systems

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14 April 2016
Overview of security systems

main component of the alarm - Detectors (sensors), which define a controlled event, and send a signal to the control panel.The sensors detect almost all physical phenomena such as the movement of objects, change the room temperature, smoke, fumes, Gulf water, vibration and noise (with broken glass), power outages, and other changes and phenomena that are created by certain actions of the offender, or communication.

Security alarms are divided:

1) by the method of communication end sensors with the control panel on:
- wired
= wireless

2) by the method of notification (inform the owner or emergency services) about the detected event on:
- Notification ofradio channel .Range up to 5 km.These alarms are used in case of arming and monitoring nearest PPC, chop or service response.In such a case, the information does not come directly to the owner.

- notification via GSM channel (through SMS-messages).Range is unlimited and is determined by the availability of subscribers who sent an SMS-message

with information about the activation of any sensor.

- alert on the telephone line .The control panel must be connected to a telephone line, so is used in apartments where there is a landline phone.

- alert via satellite .Range is unlimited.

In wired systems, the signal from the sensor is supplied from the control panel on the wire, specially laid from each sensor to the control panel.Thus, wireless systems have the advantage of the installation, since they can be mounted after repairs not work constructively on the wiring.

consider in more detail wireless burglar alarm .

Each element Wireless Burglar Alarm, whether infrared motion detector or magnetic contact, smoke detector or water leak sensor is equipped with a radio transmitter to send a signal to the control panel.Some elements, such as a siren, radio still have to obtain a control signal on the control panel.

signals are sent in encrypted form and are divided into:
- Control - tripping of the external action,
- Utility (Test) - an indication of the signal level.

appearance on the Russian market of wireless security alarms and a half or two years ago was caused by permission to use the territory of the Russian frequency of 433 MHz for wireless sensors, as well as the advent of foreign systems, positively proven end-users - the owners of private property.Both foreign and Russian appeared wireless burglar alarm in addition to their technical capabilities and customer appeal had, in appearance, and price of installation and assembly, so they quickly gained popularity.

Price wired sensor is usually lower than the price of similar wireless.In addition, a further advantage - does not require periodic (every 1-2 years) to replace the batteries.

What is the reason for the increasing popularity of wireless burglar alarms is?

several reasons.The main ones are the following:

1. The Private setting is required, as a rule, after finishing work.Cabling from the sensor to the control panel (outer or hidden) can objectively-consuming installation of wired sensors, especially in a large room.

2. Installation time wireless sensors and thus putting a burglar alarm in operation is much smaller.The minimum set of professional can configure and set for 2-3 hours.

3. Building alarm functionality by adding new sensors can be effected at any time and quickly enough - the control panel registers a new sensor registers necessary response signaling (for example, a new text SMS-messages or siren), the sensor is screwed in the correct location.

Thus, the end user now has a choice: to save on the installation and cabling or terminal equipment.