Protecting the cottage: the risk of intrusion

By Admin | Security Systems
13 April 2016

We offer some tips on how to do it.

Be sure to check the door.

They must be strong, be sure to have eyes and door bolts or locks that open with a key (not latched).Be sure to install a reliable lock with 3-inch screws (about 7-8 cm).Door chains, which are so fond of our mothers and grandmothers did not help - they are easy to dislodge or break them.

Check all windows and be sure to lock them every day.

If you want to open a window, be sure to get the lock that will not open the window more than a few centimeters.

sure to check all the windows and doors of basements and attics.If the windows in them - big enough to crawl through them can people be sure to install them on the metal grate and check that windows are locked securely.

sure to install and do not forget to include the alarm system.

Install outdoor lighting.Use sensors and timers lighting system.Ensure that all entrances to your home covered adequately.

regularly cut large bushes so that it was impossible for them to hide.

In no case do not let into the house of strangers.If you suddenly come to an employee of the repair service, the postman or the policeman, whom you did not expect, be sure to check their credentials.

sure to make friends with their neighbors.

If possible put them on notice when leaving.Let them tell you about all suspicious people who see in the neighborhood.And be sure to make a list of all your neighbors, with addresses and phone numbers, and call them, if you noticed anyone or anything suspicious.