How to protect your cottage from thieves

By Admin | Security Systems
12 April 2016

After the holiday season, all returned to the city.Someone picks up from the country what they can steal, but not everyone is comfortable and not take everything with you.And for homeless people from neighboring villages still amiss: and aluminum spoons and an old receiver, and garbage.In general, all that you can "push" in the market.

There are several ways to protect their property from invasion of the Vandals

Guard cottages Cool post

can hire a security agency that will guard N - number of suburban areas.Usually staffed by two hours, after three, get 8 people protection.More can be installed security cameras, which are qualitatively improve the protection of your houses.

Soldiers call

Summer residence area - house can be equipped with alarms in the house and around the perimeter of the site.In addition, you can set the alarm button at the neighbors, in case they notice the intruder private property in the nearby area.If alarm police unit arrives on the scene and neutralize the perpetrators.

Phone guard

indispensable condition for the protection to your phone - you need to have your villa is located within the coverage area of ​​mobile communications.You have set the country warning system that operates on the network.It should be installed in every room motion sensor, and window glass break sensor.But, having received the signal, you have to call the police or a bullet to fly to the country.

Toothy guard

Guard cottages electronic security system "Cur" is connected to a conventional outlet and is installed near the door problem.Devices crawl space through the walls at a distance of 5-6 meters, and if detected, is included ... .yarostnoe roar and loud barking of a huge dog.Thieves, with weak nerves fearing the dog, do not dare to enter and leave.Only a "crazy" thieves continue the assault.

ruthless thorn

Dacha you can enclose the perimeter of barbed wire, turning it into a fortress.Tip: better to buy galvanized barbed wire - will serve a minimum of 5 years.On the perimeter fence is enough to stretch two rows of barbed wire, and giving will be protected against the penetration of the fence.More effectively protect your cottage protective tape "Razor" - a coiled wire with a hardened core and galvanized piercing-cutting double-edged spikes.If "eros" to put on top of the fence, the intruder in any contact with her is trapped razor sharp that it just will not be released.

effective armor

Guard cottages Summer houses can be made safe with the help of armored doors and windows.
But before you put the door need to know:
sheet thickness should be 1.5-2 mm;
box is welded from steel angle section 40 - 50 mm;
door must have hidden hinges;
locking system type "Crab", in which, if the hinges will cut off the thief will not be able to open the door.The windows are protected by bars
thickness rod which sostavlyaet12-15 mm.It is difficult to saw ordinary hacksaw.

In this case, most of the thieves are looking for a more easy prey for neighboring areas.

And finally - you can assign the duty of the dacha community and pay them for patrolling suburban areas.