Several ways to protect homes

By Admin | Security Systems
12 April 2016

now need to ensure the safety alarm system, and, preferably, a security system at home.Setting the alarm not only protects your family and property, but also reduces the cost of insurance.

  1. Guard House device reproducing it - they make it clear that someone's home is, and work like any program.Some security systems are equipped with remote control or keyboard.

  2. Some home alarm systems include accessories, such as a key chain, for keys and a remote control to operate the system at a distance.According to the principle of action they are similar to the car key chains - key chains with buttons to activate and deactivate the alarm at home.Some even have a button "alarm", which activates the alarm and, if absolutely necessary, calls the appropriate service.Remote Management Board of such systems are usually slightly larger in size.Control functions vary slightly and may include additional buttons, voice control, and the "Alarm".

  3. Certain icons in the garden, at home or stickers on the windows indicate that your

    home is protected.Studying the degree of safety of houses showed that homes are not equipped with alarm, breaking subjected to from 2.7 to 3.5 times more likely, and the most effective means of intimidation were icons companies installing alarm systems.Some even hang these icons without having to install an alarm system itself.Although this precaution, and reduces the risk of hacking, it does not protect your home.

  4. backup power supply system is very important for the safety of the house in case of a power failure, when the increased risk of break-ins and looting.Home alarm system should work even when there is no light.The easiest way to ensure the smooth operation of the alarm - standard batteries.To reduce costs pick up a signaling system that can run on batteries.

  5. Smoke Detectors provide a level of protection of your home, especially if they are built into the alarm system.Smoke detectors need not only to fix a fire and give you time to run out of the house.If they are included in the package of the so-called protection of the house, they automatically notify the appropriate company and the fire department.Some systems even provide power supply insertion in smoke detectors.This means that the batteries do not need to be changed.

  6. Wireless system: protect your home without any wires that are typically drawn around the house, or they need to be embedded in the wall.The wireless alarm system each sensor or button communicates with the main radio frequency remote control or the existing wiring in your home.The offender will not be able to disarm the system, only by cutting the wires.This ensures that the system is fully integrated security and monitors all parts of the house without the need for sockets, and without creating obstacles in the form of endless wires.

  7. additional buttons are also important keys.The exterior of a button can provide a safe entrance into the house without a key.Some systems also offer remote control - lightweight and compact.Home security system, which covers such key access increases the security of your home.The controlled system can also lock the door after several unsuccessful attempts, which may mean hacking attempt.

  8. buttons keys are not always sufficient to protect against intruders.The sensors on the windows and doors reduce the risk of unauthorized access, and are a key part of the security system at home.Motion detectors also increase safety.Modern motion sensors include a feature ignoring pets to not permanently disable the alarm.

  9. Services Services Installation, inspection and repair improve not only safety, but also the convenience of maintaining the level of safety at home.The system alarms can notify the police or fire department of an emergency.The most advanced systems provide special panels with buttons to call the police, fire brigade or an ambulance.Another advantage provided by leading companies - technical support and complete the installation and repair of the employees of the company, which has been tested, licensed and have passed all kinds of tests.Finally, some companies even offer security services during the move.

  10. Chief Classic remote control is vital to any security system.It is usually mounted on the wall in an easily accessible place.Remote receives information from all the sensors and other remote, processes it and transmits the appropriate information in the parent company.If leaving the house, you turn on the alarm manually - on the panel, then return home when the access code and go to the main control panel.Some alarms can be turned off, even on the phone.